Save Money with Xfinity Mobile This Holiday Season

Everyone in the family is connecting online, check out Xfinity Mobile to help save money

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One of my fondest pandemic memories is attending a virtual family reunion. Everyone dialed in on time to see and talk with family members we had not seen in ages. There were some family members on the call who were completely new to me, like my baby cousin. Under normal circumstances, we might have booked a trip and gathered in the same city to do something fun or enjoy a delicious meal together. But during this pandemic, seeing each other from across the country on screen is the best we could do. 

2020 taught us to value staying connected with each other using technology – both when we’re at home and when we’re on the go. We are more connected now than ever before through our phones, computers and tablets. We also have learned how to celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduations and more, remotely.

Now that families are relying more heavily on technology, a reliable budget-friendly wireless service is important. I recently had the opportunity to learn more about Xfinity Mobile and here are 3 key ways the service can save families money:

1.  Bundle Wireless with Internet

With schools, jobs, family reunions, conferences and concerts happening online, our homes need a strong WiFi signal and significant amounts of bandwidth to support streaming on multiple devices. Why not get an internet service that comes with wireless service? That’s right, Xfinity Internet includes 5 lines of Xfinity Mobile – you just pay for data. While we are spending so much time at home, we can save money by bundling cable, internet and wireless service. 

Xfinity Mobile is simple and affordable.

Xfinity Mobile is simple and affordable.

2. Don’t Forget About WiFi

Xfinity Mobile’s service combines a powerful nationwide 5G network with millions of secure WiFi hotspots included at no extra cost. So you have cellular when you need it, but the cost savings of WiFi when you’re stuck at home zooming with friends and family.

Xfinity Mobile also offers:

  • No activation fees
  • No phone line access fees
  • Data plans starting at $15 per month
  • Discounts on some of the hottest mobile devices 

3. Flexibility to Mix and Change Plans Anytime 

Xfinity Mobile offers two simple data plans – Unlimited for $45 per month or By the Gig, where you pay for shared data in increments of 1, 3 or 10 GB starting at $15 per month. And depending on the make-up of your family, there are two features of Xfinity Mobile that take the cost savings to another level:

  • Mix & Match – for families with different kinds of data users, you can mix-and-match Unlimited and By the Gig as you see fit. You may have a teenager that needs Unlimited and parents that can share a 3 GB plan – especially now since they’re home all the time and utilizing WiFi, not cellular data.
  • Switch & Save – with this feature, you can switch from Unlimited to By the Gig (and vice-a-versa) up until the last day of your billing cycle to minimize your bill. Meaning, if you typically don’t use much data but take a big trip and are uploading photos all day to Instagram, you can watch your data usage and switch to Unlimited on the last day of your billing cycle.

Xfinity Mobile lets you Mix & Match and Switch & Save.

These are just three ways that families can stay connected and save money at the same time this holiday season. If you’re an Xfinity Internet customer, you just may want to consider giving Xfinity Mobile a try for a reliable and flexible service at an affordable price. 

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