On Episode 30 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast we spoke about conscious parenting with Yolanda Williams who is a Certified Positive Discipline Coach and host of the podcast Parenting Decolonized

This episode felt like old friends having a great conversation about conscious parenting. If you want to learn, feel inspired, and feel the freedom to parent in the way that you think is best, then this is an episode, that you don’t want to miss. Please tune in, download the podcast for later and connect with our guest.

Intro (00:00)

The African proverb for this week’s podcast goes as follows:

“Plants vary according to the quality of the soil.” UGANDA ~ African proverb.

Word of the Episode (2:33)

Umntana is the word for child in the language of IsiXhosa.

Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:53)

Furthermore, not only do we value supporting parents on this journey, we always want parents to know that your kids are welcome to listen right along with you. Katriel is an 8-year-old who loves being homeschooled. Listen to her share with our audience about how she helps her siblings and learns at the same time. (She is one of 6 siblings, you can hear her mom on our last podcast Episode 29)

Yolanda Williams who is a Certified Positive Discipline Coach and host of the podcast Parenting Decolonized

Grown Folks Talk, Conscious Parenting Defined (6:25)

During Episode 30, we spoke with Yolanda Williams about what conscious parenting is all about. Yolanda is a Certified Positive Discipline Coach and host of the podcast Parenting Decolonized, a show that unpacks how colonization has impacted the black family and teaches parents how to raise liberated black children without breaking their spirits. When she’s not advocating for the safety and liberation of black children from white supremacy and parental oppression, she’s chasing her toddler around the house and trying to remain sane.

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Website: parentingdecolonized.com

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"If I can help parents impact how they raise their children then we can raise the next generation of free thinkers and activists" 
~ Yolanda williams | Episode 30 of the Cle