Eat Clean, Healthy, and Delicious Food

Eat Clean, Healthy, and Delicious

Eating clean is not just a desirable lifestyle. For many, it is the only way of life. Many individuals desire to eat clean for several reasons, one of them being health reasons. Another reason individuals choose to eat clean is for weight loss. With obesity being an epidemic for adults and children, weight loss and weight management are essential to a healthy way of life. Clean foods consist of foods that are not processed or as close to organic as possible. Foods that are closer to their natural forms are the cleanest foods to consume. Adapting to a clean eating plan can also impact your mental psychology. After all, if you look good then you’ll feel good about yourself. The less processed foods you eat, the more likely you are to adhere to a clean diet and lifestyle. Eating clean can also impact your budget in a positive way. Buying natural foods and preparing them at home can be cost-effective and often very fun.

Eating clean: the diet

Many people are intimidated by the word diet. This word often relates to more of a lifestyle plan then and eating plan. When individuals hear the word diet, they automatically think of failure. Developing an eating plan doesn’t have to automatically equal failure. It can be fun and delicious. In fact, eating clean consists of eating more meals in a day. Of course, if you’re eating more meals in a day, it is important to manage what you eat and how you eat it. For example, eating six small meals a day could consist of eating unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, and foods that are high in protein and low in fat. Eating breakfast within an hour of getting up every day would be essential to your new eating plan. 

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Eat clean foods to feel healthy

A lifestyle change

If you are accustomed to eating healthy, there may not be much of a change needed. A few small changes here or there could achieve your goal of clean and healthy eating. It is important to remember that the more foods are processed, the less likely they are to be considered clean. In making this lifestyle change, you want to consume foods that are not processed. Because this change can be drastic for many, you can set small goals to phase out processed foods over time until they are no longer a part of your diet or until you no longer crave them.

Is clean eating boring?

There’s nothing like enjoying a good old American hot dog. After all, these little puppies are at every birthday party, cookout, and sporting event. While an old-fashioned hot dog sounds delicious, it is far from healthy. Individuals are rapidly changing their eating habits to food items that are much healthier and just as fun and tasty. A great example of making clean eating fun could include food items such as:

  • Gluten-free pancakes packed with healthy fruits
  • Grilled chicken with a chili lime sauce
  • Roasted sweet potato kale salad
  • Asian shrimp salad with a ginger sesame dressing

An easy substitution to good old-fashioned hot dogs or hamburgers at a social event could be a delicious recipe for chicken fajitas. This dish paired with gluten-free tortilla wraps would be a tasty and healthy meal for any social event.

Clean eating: what not to do

The first thing you must do when eating clean is to avoid processed foods altogether. Packaged foods such as granola bars, muffins, or other convenient snacks contain sugar, oils, and refined ingredients. These types of foods are contrary to a clean eating lifestyle. Studies have shown that processed foods have little to no nutritional benefit; therefore, it is recommended that you steer clear of these food items. If you’re ever in doubt on whether or not you’re eating a clean food product, you can create a cheat sheet for yourself to help guide you on this endeavor. If you’re not used to eating clean, it can be challenging to make these changes in a short amount of time.

Eating clean is more than a diet plan, it is a lifestyle change. Once you make the decision to go clean, you have to put rules in place to help guide you on the right path. Getting information online is a great resource to help as you make the decision to adapt to a clean and healthy lifestyle.

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