A Homeschool Journey With Njeri Nembhard - Learning about yourself | The Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 25

A Homeschool Journey With Njeri Nembhard Lesson 25

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This is episode 25 and we hope that every other week you are enjoying our conversations on the CleverlyChanging Podcast. This episode is especially special because we are talking to a veteran homeschool mom Njeri Nembhard who shares her homeschool journey with us. Njeri from maroonlifelearning.com has homeschooled her children for at least 10 years and has many nuggets to help other moms as they navigate their homeschooling lives.

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Intro (0:00)

The African proverb for this week’s podcast:

“Only a wise person can solve a difficult problem.” ~ Akan proverb.

Word of the Episode (1:24)

Bingwa means winner or champion in Swahili.

Cleverly Cultured Kids (01:48)

One of our Cleverly Cultured kids will share a brief message about an African American pioneer.

Grown Folks Convo (3:05)

Njeri has a new promotion going on and we’d like to share the exclusive code “cleverlychanging” with you to receive 15% off of her MaroonLifeLearning AfriClasses.

Listeners receive a 15% off of MaroonLifeLearning.com AfriClass classes. These classes run 11 weeks online for 1.5 hours per week. The classes start on March 23, 2020. Discount expires on February 29, 2020.

Questions Regarding Njeri’s Homeschool Journey

  1. How long has she been homeschooling?
  2. What kind of things/materials did you use to supplement your children’s education?
  3. What brought her to homeschooling?
  4. How many children do you have?
  5. Ask about AAfriventures: why she created it and what it is?

And here’s where you can find some of our resources, including a Homeschool Portfolio Template.

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A Homeschool Journey With Njeri Nembhard - Learning about yourself | The Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 25

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