Homeschooling as a Family – Lesson 13

Homeschooling As a Family Lesson 13

This is the first episode of Season 2. I am honored to have my husband as a special guest. He will be discussing homeschooling from a dad’s perspective.

Episode 13 of the CleverlyChanging Podcas

Intro (00:15)

African Proverb – “A single hand cannot nurse a child”

Word of the Episode (2:46)

Baba means father in Swahili

Cleverly Cultured Kids (4:15)

My daughters discuss how their dad assists with their homeschool education. Homeschooling as a family is a way of life for my daughters because they have always been homeschooled. It was great to hear from them about how they see their dad’s role in their education.

Grown Folks Talk about Homeschooling as a Family(7:05)

The Dad in the cleverly changing household speaks up and shares his thoughts about homeschooling our children.

Homeschooling Resources for Maryland

Here are a few educational homeschool resources in the Maryland area. These are the ones that I personalize utilize or ones that some of my friends are using. 

Facebook Groups:

Co-Ops: (these are co-ops I have either visited or spoke to the administrators directly)


Small Intimate School Settings that feel like a homeschool but are not

Rec Centers:

Also, all of our cities have a community center with classes. Many offer homeschool classes too. Here is the catalog for Greenbelt’s Rec Center

PG Counties Recreation Catalog (includes multiple cities) –

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