Journey Through A Hundred Acre Wood with Christopher Robin

I have some exciting news to share! I took a trip back in time. There were no worries about packing my bags, finding the right outfits, or looking for company to spend time with. I didn’t even need a time machine to journey through a Hundred Acre Wood.

You see, I went to visit the lovable Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. If you visit Cleverly Changing often then you know how much I love the outdoors and being in nature. Fresh air just makes me happy so this trip was perfect for me, and even better than I could imagine because it was 100% bug-free.  When I arrived all of the animals were happy for me to join them in the Hundred Acre Wood so I could learn more about friendship.

Madeline in Christopher Robin

Get your tickets today; Hundred Acre Wood is Expecting you!

It turns out, that the trip isn’t exclusive to me, it’s open for all who want to travel and learn. Today they’ve started accepting new guests on the journey and I just wanted to let you know that you should take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Christopher Robin the movie is the perfect film to connect several generations with messages of love, forgiveness and everlasting friendship. If you enjoy short, well written, exquisitely directed, and beautiful movies, then this is one you should head to the theater to watch.

Hundred Acre Wood with Christopher Robin and Pooh

Watch Ewan McGregor embody Christopher Robin

Yesterday, I shared with you how the main character played by Ewan McGregor teaches us about the past through his moving performances, which he embodied with his mind, body, and soul. (I encourage you to visit the post to learn more.)

Today, I’m telling you to watch because this movie has something that everyone can enjoy regardless of age.  It’s a lovely film for Winnie the Pooh fans who have already fallen in love with Pooh Bear’s simple wit and squeezable fur. In addition, it’s also a wonderful introduction for people who weren’t old enough or fortunate enough to be familiar with Pooh and his friends.

Ewan McGregor as Christopher Robin with Pooh

Does it Get My Cleverly Changing Stamp of Approval?

Yes, I loved it from beginning to end and I am sure you will too! Be sure to visit this post again after you watch the movie and let me know what you think about it.

Lastly, Moms, dads, teachers, educators, and friends, here’s a free gift that you can enjoy on your journey.

Printables and Activity Sheets

Coloring Pages 

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Kanga and Roo

Robin and Pooh 



Hundred Acre Wood Group


Activity Pages 

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Christopher Robin Spot the Difference 

Door Hanger

Animal Maze 

Christopher Robin Maze


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