5 Ways To Get Summer Ready

I must admit after turning 35 years old I see physical changes that I’ve never seen before. I have extra weight in my mid-section. Thicker arms and a plump belly, which is a token of love I’ve carried since I had my twin daughters. I’ve even increased a dress and pants size too. When I think about it, I was never able to fully go back to the original size I was before I had kids. Even though 9 years have already hurried by.

It’s common for a woman’s weight to shift especially after she had kids, but it’s important to keep the changes in check.  Now that summer is near, I can already smell the fresh-cut grass and the sweet warm humid air that appears after a midday thunderstorm. I’m also planning my summer get away to a nearby beach so it’s crunch time for me if I want to be able be swimsuit ready before vacation time.

5 Actions To Take to Get You Summer Ready 

In order to get ready, I now have a system in place that I use to help me gear up for the summer so I can be satisfied with my appearance. 

Eat veggies - Tofu Kabobs.png

Eat Veggies

I want to get light healthy foods that give me energy, but don’t weigh my stomach down. I’m also considering a healthy detox to really whip my body into shape.

Take Supplements

Thankfully, I’m a Nordic Naturals Ambassador and I get to see which supplements are great for women my age who are going through similar changes. When I decide to use a supplement here’s what I look for:

  • Non GMO
  • No Sugar Added 
  • Purity tested by a third-party company
  • Dairy Free

Nordic Naturals Curcumin Gummies

These curcumin gummies are great because they taste like mangos (my children think it’s more peach flavored than mango), but they help with inflammation. In fact curcumin is from turmeric? I started using turmeric in everything from rice, to stir-fry, to soup, after I was in a car accident 2 years ago. It really became my go-to spice because it helps ease pain and inflammation. Although I like it, the taste of turmeric isn’t for everyone so @nordicnaturals came up with a flavored supplement that people can enjoy instead. I’s genius because we not only get permission to eat a yummy gummy, but we’ll feel better when we do.

Workout While You Work

Not too long ago I went to the thrift store to get some exercise clothes and easy equipment that I can use while I am blogging.

I found new shorts and tops with tags on it for less than $4 each. 

In addition to working out in the house, try to work out outdoors as well for at least 3 times every week.

5 Actions To Take to Get You Summer Ready tips from African American Mom blogger CleverlyChanging

Buy Clothes That Fit

Earlier in the post I mentioned that I’ve gained a few pounds so I’ve had to buy new pants and shorts. I’m not too disappointed though because many of my clothes I’ve had since my days working in corporate America.

Book a Trip

Last but not least, there is no greater motivation to exercise than knowing that you’re going some place new and exciting. 

I like to hash out the budget details first for our family friendly vacation and then call and book everything later.


Reader Question

What’s the first thing that you do in spring to get summer ready?

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