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Summary: Overall the watch was a hit. My husband wants to change the band, but again he is very picky. The face of the watch is simple, yet elegant.


My husband and I just celebrated 12 years of marriage. Frankly, I can hardly believe I’ve been an adult that long let alone married to someone. I was determined that we would have some time away to ourselves this year because we both work so hard, but have little time to date each other. At the beginning of 2018 I said, I’m going to make this year different, and one of the ways I’m making positive changes is finding quality time to spend together and adding a personal touch when I can.

Our Anniversary Weekend

Beach and ocean view - personalized wood watch review enclosed

Therefore, for our twelve anniversary we celebrated by enjoying the outdoors, cool breezes and ocean views.

Vegan Empanada - personalized wood watch review enclosedWe enjoyed someone else’s vegan cuisine instead of my own. This picture doesn’t really do this vegan empanada any justice, it was delicious.

Black Panther movie poster - personalized wood watch review enclosed


We went to a movie, and talked late into the night about our future together.

Overall, we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. We didn’t sit and talk about our kids, we had some adult time and fun. 

The greatest lesson I’ve learned after being married for about 12 years is to laugh together whenever you can. Laughter, helps heal all wounds. Basically, you have to spend time alone to find humor in the other person’s jokes. You have be still and listen so you’ll hear the punch line, and you have to look closely to see their smile the size of the moon.

When the weekend was almost over and it was our last day of celebrating, I decided to gift my husband a watch to symbolize that time matters and how we have to be intentional about our time because time loss can never be regained again.

Gifts With a Personal Touch

Personalized wood watch review enclosed

Personalized cart, which is a company that provides personalized and handmade gifts, gave me a time piece that was fitting for the occasion. 

Personalized wood watch review enclosed

This Bamboo Wooden Watch adds a sweet personal touch.

Personalized wood watch review enclosed

My husband likes it and ladies and gentlemen he is very picky. I was thrilled to see him wear it to work on our first day back.

Personalized wood watch review enclosed

It’s been twelve years and this is probably only the second or third time he has liked my gift and didn’t ask me for the gift receipt.

Personalized wood watch review enclosed

The back is engraved. The company will add any saying, date, or initials you choose.

Personalized wood watch review enclosed

I’d definitely recommend a personalized watch from Personalized Cart.

More about this Bamboo Wooden Watch

Made of natural bamboo wood materials. There are no added chemicals or paint.

The band that is worn around the wrist is made from soft Genuine leather and feels comfortable all day. 

The watch is also 3ATM Water-resistance and daily lift water resistant.


Personalized and Handmade Gifts

For about 6 years Personalized Cart has provided handmade and custom personalized gifts for customers, there are many beautiful products in our company their primary focuses are gifts for weddings, holidays, men, women, and babies.

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