A Silk Scarf Makes a Classic Fashion Statement

Silk Scarves Make a Classic Statement

I agree with Sonia Rykiel, “A scarf has to be the most beautiful thing ever invented to wear! It’s a winding, a continuity, an infinity!” In fact, my favorite fashion accessory is a scarf. I started wearing scarves while in high school. Although the scarf designs and trends on how you wear scarves changed over the years, silk scarves are still classic and have never gone out of style. 

For instance, in high school, we use to fold our scarves and wear them around our necks to mimic a choker necklace. While that look was cute back in the day, I moved on to a looser versatile scarf neck tie.  

In fact. now, I  consider my personal style of dress sophisticated and chic. You can take the most basic outfit and really jazz it up buy using a simple scarf. Also, I’m most comfortable while wearing business casual so Echo’s Ditzy Patchwork Silk Diamond scarf fit perfectly into my home wardrobe. 

Silk Scarves Make a Classic Statement

About the Company

“On September 27, 1923, Edgar and Theresa Hyman were married. On that very day, they also launched a family business called Echo Scarfs, using the acronym of Edgar’s initials – Edgar C. Hyman cO.

By 1929, Echo had established itself successfully in the marketplace, enabling the company to survive the Great Depression. . . Today, that rich heritage of timeless quality, craftsmanship and integrity lives on in every new line of fashion accessories, bags, beachwear and home design. Still located within a block of the original showroom, Echo continues to draw inspiration from the vitality and diversity of the city. All the while, holding to the idea that a single accessory can possess the power to transform an outfit or a room, a mood or a perspective.”

The designer scarf brand, Echo, states that “A scarf is a single accessory which possess the power to transform an outfit, a mood, and a perspective.”

The beauty of a scarf is subtle, yet the soft cloth can make any outfit standout. Scarves can help blend different patterns and act as the glue that will make an outfit match.

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The scarf pictured is a new scarf design. It is shaped like a diamond and doesn’t use much fabric. This new scarf design is easy to fold and wear. The slim designs prevents bulkiness and is especially comfortable in warmer months like spring and summer.

Here are a few of the looks I wore with my Ditzy Patchwork Silk Diamond scarf:




Echo Diamond Scarf

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