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When it comes to any medical procedure, you’ll always find some myths intertwined with the truth, which makes it difficult to know what to believe. This is no less true with laser eye surgery, but to help you separate fact from fiction we’ve debunked some of the most common myths.

Laser Eye Surgery isn’t Permanent

Laser eye surgery helps to correct your vision by permanently changing the composition of your eye (read more about it at the Laser Eye Surgery Hub). Therefore, the operation is permanent, however, other eye issues may arise in the future that will cause you to need surgery again.

For example, as you get older, your eyesight may deteriorate, with conditions like presbyopia becoming onset. This affects how well you can see something close to your eye, which may affect daily tasks like reading. Laser eye surgery cannot prevent the process of aging, but will permanently alter your vision when you have the procedure done.

If It Goes Wrong, I’ll Go Blind

Our eyes are incredibly important to us, so it’s only natural to worry about losing sight after a major surgery. However, over 20 million people have benefited from laser eye surgery, which means the myth that you could go blind is unsubstantiated. With advanced technology and professional, experienced surgeons, laser eye surgery resulting in blindness is a highly improbable consequence.

Laser Eye Surgery is Painful

When laser eye surgery was first introduced, this statement was probably accurate, as it was in the early development stages. However, today, the procedure uses innovative technology, providing a relatively painless procedure.

Some patients feel uncomfortable because the patient’s eye has to remain open for 1 to 2 minutes during the procedure. And a small number of people complain that in the first few days after surgery their eyes feel irritable and itchy. Not everyone experiences these symptoms, and even if they do, they’re relatively pain-free.

The Results Aren’t Instant

Many believe that for laser eye surgery to take full effect it takes several days, however, this is another myth. Within seconds of having the surgery, you can notice the results. Some people may find it takes a little bit longer but most do notice the difference straight away and are able to continue with their day.

 Debunking the Myths of Laser Vision Correction

I’m Too Old for Laser Eye Surgery

Patients who are age 35 and over may feel as though they’re too old for laser eye surgery, but there’s no upper limit. In fact, approximately 98% of people who over 35 notice an improvement after Lasik Eye Surgery.

It’s Impossible to Achieve 20/20 Vision

This myth was probably based on limited results from many years ago, but now, doctors have learned how to fine-tune their craft even better. It’s perfectly achievable to enjoy a life with HD vision, and thanks to advanced technology, more people are enjoying corrective eye surgery than ever. For a lot of people, 20/20 vision is normal, with many laser eye surgery patients achieving this.

Several of my friends and neighbors received Lasik Eye Surgery. Many of them discarded their glasses and are able to see much better. After speaking with friends regarding the myths, they suggest people who want laser eye surgery should interview their potential doctors before they perform any procedure. Thus, if you are considering eye surgery definitely review these 50 Tough Questions you should ask Your Lasik Doctor

Don’t proceed with any medical eye care without reviewing or downloading these questions.

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