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Review of STEM reads subscription box

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As a mom, I wondered, what can I do to encourage my children to have a life long love for learning? Well I believe, the answer is within books. If parents can cultivate a love for reading in their children, they will also increase their children’s love for learning.

One of my favorite quotes is by Lyn Yutang “The wise man reads both books and life itself. Kids are always learning so STEM Reads will help answer their natural curiosity. What exactly is STEM Reads?  It is a new monthly book club for kids. The monthly box helps parents on their path to give their child a love for reading and learning at the same time.

When parents subscribe, their child will receive a box in the mail with cool books and related surprises each month. All items are geared towards children ages 4-8 yrs old. The books will encourage your child or children to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math. Sign up today, with my exclusive code and receive $10 off your first box.



About the Box:

The books are illustrated beautifully and provide knowledge and entertainment to young readers. The badge sheet is great because it helps children keep track of their reading progress each month. For homeschool parents who keep portfolios the badge sheet is an added record of educational information learned. In addition, the activity sheet encourages parents to ask questions about the theme of the box and the books that are provided. The sheet also encourages dialog between parent and child to help your child increase his or her reading comprehension skills. Frankly, nothing is more amazing than watching a child become intrigued by life lessons. STEM reads take a common theme and creates a new world of learning and wonder around it.

Many kids will absolutely love receiving a personalized box in the mail, I know my kids did. Join the book club and help get your child excited about STEM fields. If you’re looking for gifts for kids that will keep on giving all year round, then  STEM Reads is the right choice.


I asked my girls what they liked about the STEM Reads box and they said:

  • It’s a present that comes in the mail.
  • It has good books in it.
  • They both said, “Mom, you know we love STEM stuff.”
  • We love the Insta Snow Maker.
  • We also love the bookmarks because they look cool and different.

Stem Reads subscription box review

As a parent, I think the book is a great idea to keep your kids positively engaged. My only critique is that I would have liked to see something else included in the box like a small toy that kids can keep with them. The box is for children who are pretty young and toys are fun keepsakes.

More about STEM READS:

There are 3 different subscription plans that you can choose from.

STEM Reads was founded by two friends, Jay and Joel, who are also fathers to five girls combined between 2 and 10. We created STEM Reads because we wanted our children, and yours, to explore the wild and wonderful worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through the endless joy of reading. 

Reader question: What has encouraged you to keep learning throughout your life? 

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