Moana Family Movie Review #MoanaEvent

Everyone in my family enjoyed Disney‘s newest movie “Moana,” The movie is scheduled to be released November 23, 2016. There were many positive lessons and themes shared in the movie such as: believe in yourself, circle of life, building character, coming of age, darkness and light, companionship as salvation, heroism, individual versus society, hierarchy in nature, and more. It’s a fun 3-dimentional movie that has the most beautiful ocean scenes. If you’re not into 3-D movies, I understand but this one is the best I’ve ever seen. The technology has gotten a lot better.
Moana is a young woman who comes of age and learns how to believe in herself. My daughters loved seeing a young woman shown as the leading main character. Moana is heoric, smart, adventurous witty, and strong willed. However she is also vulnerable, so young women can easily relate to her.

A few fun facts about Moana are:

  1. Moana wears only 7 outfits throughout the movie.
  2. All the characters in “Moana” wear outfits made only from materials that would have been available to them 2,000 years ago.


Heihei is one of animals in the movie is a rooster that is as dumb as a rock. I think he was a cool addition, because when I visited the rural communities in Hawaii, I sometimes saw wild turkey’s roaming around on their own and Heihei reminded me of them.


There were many natural aspects of the movie I enjoyed. I would definitely watch the movie again, but if you are worried about Christian values here’s what may be concerning:
  • Reincarnation is celebrated
  • Maui lives for thousands of years
  • The village is polytheistic
In my opinion each of these spiritual differences shouldn’t deter the viewer but should encourage more parent and child dialog.

Three top reasons why I loved the movie:

1. Great music
2. Positive messages
3. Polynesian culture is interesting

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[notification type=”notification_info” ]I was given an opportunity to watch a pre-screening of the movie. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.[/notification]

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