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Recently, I partnered with K’nex Education’s STEM Explorations to share their Roller Coaster building set. I wanted to share one of my daughters favorite activities with other parents. In my last post, their unboxing video of this set. I wanted to also share how they built the set and how the finished toy looks.

Several years ago, their fascination with K’nex started. When they were around 5 years old they received a box of K’nex while I attended the iRetreat Blogging Conference in Hershey, PA. They were immediately hooked. Their eyes lit up and they wanted more and more K’nex, so for holidays they asked for more K’nex to build exciting new creations. Over the years, they have built many cool creations such as an oscillating fan, a table, phonograph, an egg beater, a grasshopper, scorpion, robots, etc. They just love to build. I love that they are completely engaged and are thinking about how the pieces can come together to create something new. Pictured below is one of their latest K’nex builds. The Big Ball Factory has over 3,000 pieces and is about 4 feet tall.





Their first box of K’NEX didn’t have a motor but as I purchased more sets, many of them included motors that can make the creations operate on their own. I loved that my daughters quickly learned how to implement the motors into new practical designs. Sometimes they build alone, together, or with their dad. As a parent who encourages my kids be artistic and creative, K’NEX isn’t just about fun and play, while kids are creating they are also learning. K’NEX teaches children how to follow instructions , problem solving, and building helps refine their fine motor skills.

K’NEX Education’s STEM Explorations Roller Coaster building set





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The Real Deal About the set:

  • If your child normally uses other popular bricks, K’NEX are different so the building experience is not the same. My kids love all types of building toys. Overall, they love the motorized capabilities of K’NEX, which helps them continue to reinvent pieces that have their own moving parts. They also like that the pieces are flexible so there creations can move around. With other popular bricks they usually make buildings, cars, airplanes, but K’nex offers a different range of creation possibilities.
  • Parents please note, some KNEX of pieces are extremely small so they can be easily lost. My kids are encouraged to keep all of their building toys in one room so I don’t have to worry about seeing tiny pieces all over the house. If your child has very young siblings (younger than 3 years old) you may not want to keep this in an area where they have access to it.
  • STEM Education K’NEX sets are great for advanced builders or children they love building. However, K’NEX sells sets for younger children, so check the recommended ages on the box. Also keep in mind that K’NEX instructions do not have words on them so your child may need assistance. Because there are no words, you have to be familiar with the pieces and look closely at the instructions.
  • If you want to challenge your child, K’NEX building sets are a great choice.

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