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This year during my annual eye exam, my doctor told me that I have large optic nerves and I should come back every 6 months to have my eyes checked for glaucoma. Needing to take special exams at the optometrist can be costly so I decided to order my glasses online to save some time and money. Thankfully, reached out to me around the same time. What a coincidence, right? I needed glasses so I started my online search very optimistically.

After my eye exam, I tried on several pairs of glasses in person. I really wanted to see which styles looked best on my face. When I uploaded a picture of myself online, I already had an idea of which frames would look the best.

Were you nervous about ordering glasses online?

No, I wasn’t nervous. I frequently order products online so I figured with my prescription and PD in hand, I wouldn’t have any problems. I have also helped my mom and sister order glasses online in the past. Therefore, I was comfortable placing an order for my daughter and I. is pretty cool because it makes comparison shopping even easier than in person. Here is a screenshot of me with different frame styles and colors, I was able to see which ones I liked, within just a few clicks.


5 Tips for ordering glasses online

  1. Know what you like. Don’t order without having a good idea which frames look best on you. Just because styles are trendy doesn’t mean that it will compliment your facial shape. For instance, my daughter knew which glasses she wanted. She said, “I want pink frames.” During her eye appointment, she tried on several pink pairs of glasses and we found out which ones look best on her.  By knowing her color preference, we were able to narrow down her choices online, and she loves the glasses she chose on She didn’t wear her last pair much so, making sure that she was choosing glasses she liked was critical to getting her to wear them.
  2. Have a recent prescription. If you are looking for prescription lenses then you need to ask your eye doctor to give you a copy of your prescription. I pay for my appointments, so to me, leaving with my prescription in hand is already a service I am paying for. I also use the same doctor every year, so we build a relationship and he begins to know what is normal for my eyes.
  3. Get your Pupillary Distance (PD) measured professionally. [tweetthis]Pupillary Distance is the distance between the center of each pupil. (Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary)[/tweetthis]I can be frugal, but trying to measure your own PD is not worth it. When I looked at my prescription the PD wasn’t there, so being the resourceful person I am, I googled how to measure it on my own. After measuring using online tips, I wasn’t confident that my measurements were right. Instead of sticking with my numbers, I called my eye doctor’s office and asked for my PD measurements. I learned that my measurements as an adult usually don’t change. However, PD measurements for children will adjust as they grow. I’m so glad I got my professional measurements because the ones I took on my own were not correct. I also found out that my daughter has a different PD measurement for each eye. As a result, I’m so glad I called!
  4. Upload a picture or take a picture. I highly recommend people use the online tools provided. Of course, I believe you should try on glasses in person so you have an idea of what looks nice, but when ordering online it is important to use the tools on the website to help you finalize your choices. In my experience, I was able to find similar frame styles, just not the same color options. I was skeptical of uploading my picture, but it worked well. The picture was a clear head-shot, and once my glasses arrived, they looked about the same. I’m pleased with my final decision.
  5. Don’t neglect your eyes. Glasses prices have really decreased over the years, so there are many options to choose from. Regardless of which company you decide to order from, do not neglect your eye health.







Choose wisely

Spend your money on a good eye exam and in-person doctor experience, but when it comes to which glasses you choose buying online can save you hundreds of dollars. Frankly, there are hundreds of glasses online to choose from, so the ordering process can quickly begin to overwhelm you. Keep these tips in mind and your glasses should arrive as expected. Visit and place your order today!


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