Recap: The Naturalista Hair Show 2016

Me with Angela Walker the founder of the Natualista Hair Show

 One of my most memorable moments at the Naturalista Hair Show was when Nicole Melton said, “Dream big, start small!” 6 years ago, I started my blog and I have put a ton of effort into it and shed many tears. However, it still seems that I am still on the small end of the receiving stick regarding payouts. I am a full time blogger, only making a part-time income. When Nicole said those words, I realized that it is time for me to do better. I have to know my worth and stop volunteering just for the sake of passion and start getting paid.


Not only did I gain some much needed wisdom, but I really enjoyed every part of the show. In fact, I loved my time at the Naturalista Hair Show. The show provided an opportunity for attendees to learn new things, get amazing discounts, gain inspiration, and try new products. Being a naturalista with locs, there were several loctician and vendors present, which made this event different than other types of natural hair shows.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the show:

Saturday night’s fashion show:

The designers were: Ankara Streets, AudaciouNFeral, Dashiki Pride, D’KK (D’Kultured Kunsepts), Koko Nanga, Melody Asherman, Nanichi, Stacha Huis, and Venus Visuals.



The #fashionshow has begun. Get it girls!!! #melanin #melaninpoppin #melaninonfleek #minimodel

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Dashiki Pride Designers



Naturalista Hair and Fashion Show



Sundays’ Naturalista Hair Show

The naturalista hair show long loc style
Photo by: (The Naturalista Hair Show Long Loc style)

Kelvin Bullock took this picture of me with my camera. I love it! He’s a local photographer in the DMV area so if you want to book a session visit his site:

Jaha Hair Studios

Joy from Jaha Hair Studios did my hair. It’s a faux mohawk with “loc petals.” It’s youthful and cute!

Here are a few of the vendors that were present:

(click on the picture to go to the vendor’s website)

Curls - Vendors at the Natural Hair Show
Dolls with a Scent and Leatha’s Leading Ladies


Muso Masiri Hair Show


Ms. 2013 Naturalista Hair Show
(Pictured from L to R: curlsunbother_cleverlychanging_brandilou88)



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