Yummy Homemade Vegan Burger

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Being a vegetarian or vegan is great. It can also be a big lifestyle change, but we learn to look forward to eating our fruits and vegetables. We can also count on our fresh foods being healthy for our bodies, as well as tasting good when our meals are seasoned well. The only downside is that as vegetarians we can get tired of eating the same vegetables and legumes in the same manner all the time. The food can become mundane at times. After living as a vegetarian for 16 years, I’ve learned that in order to get our food palette as fresh as the food we consume, it is great to mix things up sometimes and remake our classic favorite meals by adding spice or a twist.

Recently, I made a vegan burger that I enjoyed more than store purchased burgers I had in the past. I thoroughly enjoyed the savory, smoky, protein rich meatless burger. Try the recipe I share below, and let me know what you think.

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If you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan, and your curious about a meatless diet, try a Meatless Monday dish. One of your biggest concerns may be how do we find adequate sources of proteins to have a balanced diet. While it is commonly known that beans, legumes, nuts, and soy are good sources of non meat protein, we sometimes don’t realize how much of those foods do we need to eat in order to receive the necessary amount of protein that our bodies need to function?

Thankfully, HealthBeckon.com shared an infographic that shows us which foods have the greatest amount of proteins.

How much protein is in your food? #vegetarian #vegan #foodie

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