Cord Blood Banking – 5 Reasons to Consider it

Thinking about #Cordblood #banking? Here are 5 reasons to consider it. #expecting #moms #pregnancy
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Cord Blood Banking gives you one opportunity that could make a huge difference in your child’s life in the future. Cord Blood banking is often compared to a type of insurance that can provide future cures or treatments that would not otherwise ever be available.

When I was expecting my twin daughters, I researched cord blood banking after speaking with me OBGYN and found out that if you can afford it, cord blood banking is amazing. Science has made tremendous strides with medical research and procedures that can be done with umbilical cord blood. What’s even more amazing is that your child’s cord blood may not only benefit your child directly, but it could also benefit one of your future children as well.

5 Reasons to consider Cord Blood Banking

1. Life saving measures

Of course we never want any harm to come upon our children or loved ones, but in life, unfortunately, we are not always guaranteed long life and good health. Although we may live our lives carefully, unexpected illness or accidents can take place and cord blood is for those moments when our child needs a life-saving measure that can be treated immediately. Cord blood can be used to cure some diseases. Stem cells can actually help heal a person’s body or provide treatment.

According to the Institute of Medicine, HPCs have saved more than 20,000 lives in the U.S. in recent years, although the majority are from bone marrow transplants rather than cord blood. There have only been about 6,000 reported cord blood transplants (source).

2. Provides comfort for some of the “what ifs in life.

Sometimes, the greatest reason people are hesitant about cord blood banking is that they don’t know  if their child will ever be able to use the cord blood. Hopefully, the child won’t have to, but it is great to know that you have it available if he or she would ever need it.

3. The process is hassle free.

Once you decide whether cord blood banking is the right option for your newborn you would then inform your doctor. An article found on reports

Cord blood banking involves collecting blood left in your newborn’s umbilical cord and placenta and storing it for future medical use. Cord blood has potentially lifesaving cells called stem cells. [The stem cells in cord blood are different from embryonic stem cells] (Source).

Net you would need to order your kit and register with the cord bank of your choice in advance so your kit can arrive to your home before your delivery. Then you add the kit to your delivery bag and take it to the hospital,  so during your delivery the doctor will be able to collect your babies’ cord blood and place it into the kit. Once the cord is sealed, the designated pick up person then, transports it to a delivery truck with a freezer compartment then it is shipped to the cord blood bank and frozen in their chambers until our child needs it. There are also separate public cord blood banks that exist that use cord blood donated to a public registry for anyone that may need it.

When I was giving birth, my experience having the cord blood picked up was very easy. As mentioned I brought my kit to the hospital and the OBGYN added the umbilical cord during my delivery, my husband handed the kit to the delivery guy who came to the door and off it was shipped to our cord blood bank.

4. One of the most advanced treatments available for rare diseases.

Stem cells, which come from the cord blood are being used to treat medical conditions that may not have any treatment options available. These stem cells provide the best match because it is directly from your child, you can’t really get a better match than that. Some of the diseases that rely on stem cell treatments are: different types of cancers, Cerebral palsy, autism, Hydrocephalus, type 1 diabetes, Sickle Cell Disease, and more.

5. The most common criticism that causes people to be hesitant about banking their child’s umbilical cord is that you may never use this costly cord blood. While cord blood banking isn’t cheap, the money that it could save if it provide a treatment that your child could one day need is worth it.

 As a mom of a child with health problems, I recommend cord blood banking. It can provide you with comfort about your child’s future, when an unexpected life threatening diagnosis is given. Overall, I think that cord blood banking gives you better options that you otherwise would not have at your disposal unless you make plans before the unexpected ever happens..

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This post is sponsored by LifeBankUSA.
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