3 Great U.S. Vacation Spots

3 Great US vacation Spots

With summer fast approaching, vacation time is almost here. People work hard all year long for a salary and the ability to take time off of work. Using that time to take a vacation can help relieve the stress of everyday life. Also, a vacation can mean quality time with a family, and the opportunity to expand your cultural horizons.

The three great US vacation spots that allow you to relax, spend time with family, and enjoy yourself are San Diego, CA, New Orleans, LA, and Charleston, SC.  All three cities possess their own unique culture and heritage, as well as some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Wherever your vacation, it is important to make sure that you have the right protection for you and your home.

San Diego California Vacation SpotSan Diego, CA

Known as “America’s Finest City” San Diego is located on the west coast in Southern California. It provides some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in the world. Historically an old Spanish fort and mission town, the city still possess beautiful, well preserved examples of Spanish architecture. In Old Town San Diego, the original downtown location, one can be immersed in early Spanish-American culture, and visit countless historic locations.

In addition to the historical value, the new downtown area of San Diego offers more than enough activities to keep you occupied. The city possess both NFL and MLB franchises if you’re a sports lover, and there are other major attractions like: the world famous San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, or the USS Midway Museum. They also offer world class dining and nightlife for when the sun goes down.

Don’t get caught up in the downtown area however, the beach can offer just as much as any museum or restaurant. The beaches of San Diego are perfect for catching some sun, taking a dip in the Pacific ocean, surfing lessons, whale watching, or parasailing just to name a few. Boasting the best weather in the country, you are more likely to see sun than rain.

Great Vacation Spots in the US

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans was first settled by the French because of its location to the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River. The city changed hands to the Spanish, then back to the French, before ending up American Territory after the Louisiana Purchase. French culture and architecture is still preserved all over the city, especially in the French Quarter.

The city too offers attractions historically, and otherwise. The beaches, on the Gulf of Mexico, offer warm waters to swim and snorkel in. Additionally, the Mississippi river offers its own unique wildlife, including Alligators that live in the swamps of the river mouth. Tours of the swamps are offered for those that are interested in this unique habitat. New Orleans is also known for its creole cuisine, but careful it can get spicy.

Best US Vacation SpotsCharleston, SC

In Charleston, one can experience the history of America. Located on the Atlantic coast of the United States, it was settled the English, and used to grow sugar and rice. Much of the Colonial-style architecture has been preserved, and a walk through the city can almost take you back in time.

This great city offers all the beaches and attractions of other cities, as well as some pretty major history. Tours are offered of Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the civil war were fired. The city also offers marvelous examples of early colonial architecture, with multiple well preserved southern mansions. In addition, Charleston offers some of the nicest golf courses and beach resorts in the country. With the mix of history and attraction, Charleston is a great place to get away to.

Travelers Protection

Making sure you have the right coverage is paramount to taking a successful vacation. You’ll be able to relax better knowing that you, your family, and your home are taken care of.

When you leave your home, you can be liable for the costs if someone injures you, you injure someone else, someone steals something from you while you’re gone, etc. If you end up the victim of a crime or injury while on vacation and don’t have adequate insurance coverage you may need an injury attorney in order to help you sort everything out.

An injury attorney will help navigate the legal waters if you are injured before or during a vacation, and will help you pay the minimum amount in fees. An injury attorney may also be necessary even if you do possess coverage. Specific firms specialize in dealing with insurance companies, and making sure that you get the opportunity to minimize the damage done to your home or family, with the maximum compensation possible.

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