Sickle Cell Disease
Parenting a child with sickle cell disease is an uphill journey. #parenting #sicklecell

It’s great when you meet someone whose mission in life is to help others. Dr. Mac is an inspirational doctor, Mom, and podcast producer. If you have not listened to her show, Housecall with Dr. Mac, you should. The show empowers the listener with up-to-date health information.  Dr. Mac is on a mission to help educate others about their bodies so they can live healthier lives. It was an honor and privilege to sit down with Dr. Mac who is full of wisdom and discuss sickle cell disease.Throughout the month of September, I dedicated everyday to help raise awareness about the most common genetic disorder in the world. The conversation about sickle cell disease really is personal for me and my family, I hope as you listen to this episode of Housecall with Dr. Mac you will be empowered with new information and join us to help raise awareness about this genetic disorder.

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Please see the post below and Sign the petition to have the Sickle Cell Treatment Act Bill h.R. 5124 passed.

Signatures Needed: Sickle Cell Treatment Act Bill H.R. 5124 #30forSickleCell

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Learn more about Sickle Cell from a Obstetrics and Gynecology point of view. 


House Calls with Dr. Mac discusses Sickle Cell #30forsicklecell

 Genetics and #sicklecell with House Calls With Dr. Mac