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Hershey Story Museum Family Fun

I love the quote by George Bernard Shaw that says, “A happy family is but an early heaven.” Spending time with family is very important. Quality time together helps create beautiful memories. Thus, traveling and learning together is a great way to teach children and have fun with them.

When my children heard that I was attending iRetreat Conference in Hershey, PA, they thought it was the sweetest news ever. While I learned about blogging my family enjoyed all the wonderful sites in the area. One of their favorite places was Hershey Story in Hershey, Pennsylvania. While visiting Hershey Story my children and husband learned about the life-story of Milton Hershey, the Confectioner, philanthropist, and founder of The Hershey Chocolate Company. They also learned about chocolate, the history of the area, and The Hershey Chocolate Company. Mr. Hershey changed the way we enjoy chocolate and revolutionized the entire chocolate world.

What’s great about Hershey Story is that everyday they have special activities for families and kids. There is a regular calendar that updates visitors on fun events at the museum so that the experience will not only be educational, but fun as well.

If you are ever near Hershey and you want to enjoy a Chocolate fun experience, then give Hershey Story a visit.

For my kids, the Chocolate Lab was their favorite experience because they were able to make their own chocolate. They were also able to taste different chocolate and learn how a variety of chocolate bars and candy produced.

Our Hershey Story Experience

The Chocolate Lab, in Hershey PA. A family Fun experience #TravelCleverly

Ready to make chocolate at the Chocolate Lab, in Hershey PA. A family Fun experience #TravelCleverly

My kids couldn’t wait to tell me about the nibs (the meat extracted from the cocoa bean) that are placed in the chocolate.

Making chocolate at the Chocolate Lab, in Hershey PA. A family Fun experience #TravelCleverly

At the Chocolate Lab, in Hershey PA. A family Fun experience #TravelCleverly

The Chocolate Lab, Hershey PA family Fun experience #TravelCleverly

They also enjoyed learning about the history of the factory and how the chocolate making process is different today.

Hershey Story Chocolate Museum #familyfun #TravelClevely

They learned about the machines used in the hershey’s chocolate making and packaging process.

Hershey Kiss machine at the Hershey Story Chocolate Museum #familyfun #TravelClevely

Hersney's packaging at the Hershey Story Chocolate Museum #familyfun #TravelClevely

Hershey Kiss machine at The original Reeses packaging at the Hershey Story Chocolate Museum #familyfun #TravelClevely

As you can see, they had an enjoyable time. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know you think you and your family would take a trip to Hershey.

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