Why Bloggers Should Have One Page Media Kits

Media Kit basics: getting your blog's resume ready for brands

Just like a resumé a blogger should be able to share their media kit with a brand or PR firm within a moments notice. A blogger’s media kit should quickly tell a brand why working with you and your blog would be a good fit for their company. PR firms and brands receive many media kits from bloggers who are trying to forge a relationship with them, but it is important to make your media kit stand apart from the others.

Similar to a resumé a media kit is not one-size fits all. Your media kit should be attractive to specific brands that you are interested in working with and may need to be for specific opportunities that you desire.

The key components of a media kit should be:

Brief description about your site

1. Share information that best describes your blog. Have a unique objective that sells your brand to companies and PR firms. Make sure it clearly states the name and url of your blog. Include main topic and subtopics so the person reading your kit will know not only the main focus of your blog, but also, what topics are of interest to you and your audience.

Blog Statistics

2. Include real numbers from Google Analytics, Twitter, and Facebook. (If you are applying or looking for campaigns that would need numbers for Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google Plus etc, then you would include those as well.)


3. Brand need to know who your audience is. Brands reach out to bloggers because they are really interested in the bloggers community engagement. Bloggers become a trusted personable resource and brands would like to work with them to leverage their scope of influence.

Google analytics and Alexa offer codes that you must embed within your blog to obtain this information.

Personalize the Information

4. Include a professional picture. This section should answer, what makes you unique and special. What is your professional expertise? If you have a unique educational background that is relevant include that information as well.

Also add credibility by including professional relevant testimonials or other great brands you have partnered with in the past.

Share  Services You Can Offer

5. A PR representative should be able to look over your media kit and clearly be able to see what you can offer brands.

  • Are you great at hosting twitter parties?
  • Do you gain a lot of traffic my creating a unique hashtag that others follow?
  • Do you desire to be a brand ambassador for the company?
  • Would you like to write sponsored post?
  • Are you interested in hosting brand events?

What services are unique to you, your blog, and your skill-set?

Advertising Rates if applicable.

Include Contact Information

6. Provide contact information such as your email address and phone number if that is how you want to be contacted.

The overall look and feel should be professional, uncluttered, and clear.

View Examples

Katy Widrick’s post Best Blogger Media Kits, provide several good examples that can provide a visual for you. 

Here is a copy of my Cleverly Changing media kit.

View my Media Kit Pinterest Board for more examples.


Follow CleverlyChanging.com’s board Media Kits on Pinterest.


Ready question: What’s one item mentioned in today’s post about media kits that you found helpful. Is there anything else you feel I should have included?

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