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UK Lottery tipsHave you sat and thought for a while, how you would like to have all of your expenses paid? If you could have just one wish granted, would it be for money? Have you ever wanted to win big at a lottery or gaming center? We don’t endorse these activities because our frugal nature just won’t allow us too, but we have definitely pondered, “What if.” In the meantime, we will keep saving at least 10% of all the money we make and set it aside for our future goals.

Author bio for the post below: Gemma Collier is a busy mum of two from the UK. When she’s not running around after the kids (or tidying up after them) she enjoys playing tennis, watching old movies and catching a moment or two on her computer.

Which lotto do you like to play best?

Everyone loves playing the lottery now and then; that simple game where for just a small stake you could win a life-changing amount of cash. And with the main lotteries in the States – Powerball and MegaMillions – the prizes are reaching incredibly dizzying heights. You can’t imagine what it would be like to win that amount of money, let alone know how you would spend such a large amount.

The big lotteries in the States are now getting increased attention in other countries like the UK as UK residents can now enter a choice of different national lotteries as long as they buy their tickets online. Why just stick to your own national lottery when you can play other countries’ lotteries that have bigger prizes?

But even though UK residents have the option of playing Powerball where the jackpots often reach into hundreds of millions of dollars, some still prefer to play the lottos that have lower value jackpots. Why? Well, the chances of winning a lottery like Powerball are significantly lower than playing some of the other lotteries. For example, if someone plays the Irish Lottery, they have a 1 in in 8,145,060 chance of winning chance of winning the jackpot, while a ticket for the Powerball would only have a 1 in 175 million chance of hitting the jackpot. For more information about playing the Irish lotto online go to Irishlotto.info.

However, should a non-US resident ever actually win the Powerball or MegaMillions draw they would take home a far larger prize than a US resident, who would have to pay state and federal taxes on their win. A player from the UK wouldn’t have to pay any tax at all on their prize money. It hardly seems fair!

Taken in the round though, those people that can play both the Irish lotto and Powerball or MegaMillions are probably better off playing the lotto that gives them the highest chance of winning the jackpot, and not worrying too much about how much that jackpot would be. It’d still be life-changing, whatever the amount was.


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