Children’s Books that Encourage Bravery for elementary students

Children's Books We're Reading that Encourage Bravery

Keeping our kids surrounded by good books on your children’s shelves are important for them to learn to love reading. I try to let me children get in the habit of seeing me read to expand my knowledge and learn how to do something new. Here are few books you could find my kids reading and enjoying. These books are great for any elementary school-aged child. The books mentioned help emphasis bravery even when it isn’t popular and are a good way to begin a dialog with children about different people and how we treat others.

Francis Scott Key's Star-Spangled Banner - Easy Reader for ChildrenChildren’s Books for elementary aged students:

Francis Scott Key’s Star-Spangled Banner

By Monica Kulling, recommended for kids 6-10

Easy reading books are some of my children’s favorites because they like to read on their own. This is a Step Into Reading 3 book, which means this book is written for children from Kindergarten through 3rd grade. I also like that I can quickly read the books as well and then quiz them and ask about the stories they read.

Monica Kulling tells Francis Scott Key’s life story using simple words and phrases so children will be able to learn more about him and his love of poetry. Together, we learned more about Key and the events that led up to him writing the Star-Spangled Banner.

Although Mr. Key wasn’t fighting on the battlefield, he viewed what was taking place and showed bravery and patriotism for his country by expressing his thoughts and emotions on pen and paper. The events that occurred during the War of 1812 were made real for us generations later as we hear his poem, Defence of Fort M’Henry

Freedom school_Yes - Children's bookFreedom School, Yes!

By Amy Littlesugar, recommended for kids 5-9

Freedom School Yes! is the story of a girl, Jolie, who lives during the time of segregation. The setting takes place during the 1960s when her parents allow a young white school teacher to live in their home. The story allows children to see the horrible events from the past in a way that children may have articulated back in that day. Jolie also shares that she was at first afraid of what might happen to her teacher, but even after the church near her home is burned, she shows an incredible amount of bravery and fearlessness. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is heart-warming.

This story is great for children who need to learn amount over coming fears and how to stand up and do the right thing in a situation where someone is being mistreated. Overall, this story reminds children that even though he or she may be young, it is important to show courage.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. SeussGreen Eggs and Ham

by Dr. Seuss, recommended age preschool – 7

Dr. Seuss books have fun illustrations and fanciful words that make children laugh. Even as an adult Dr. Seuss had an incredible imagination. Green Eggs and Ham is one of of my own favorites because kids really get the message that it is Okay to try new things; especially food. After reading the book, I asked my kids what did they learn and they said, “We learned to taste things before we say we don’t like something.” This is the exact message I wanted them to internalize.

This book is classic for kids. Learning should be fun and Dr. Seuss never fails to keep children entertained while they read. It is a lively story for young readers who can pick out rhyming words and spacial terms. The book has so much visual imagery that many young readers feel like he or she is on an adventure with the characters in the book.

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King - Children's booKHappy Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.

by Jean Marzollo, recommended age preschool – 6 years old

Teaching children the stories of American Heroes is a great way to teach them that success is attainable. Dr. Martin Luther King’s  story of success and compassion is a beautiful example an American hero who continues to inspire. This book helps outline Dr. King’s life in a kid-friendly manner where that can learn to seek education and speak out for justice. 

My girls loved the illustrations just as much as the story itself. The pictures like hand-drawn and are fantastic!

 Here is a picture that shows the fantastic drawings

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King - An illustration of Dr. King's dad 


Reader Question: What are some books that you and your kids enjoy that teach them history and bravery? 


Please note, the age recommendations are from my personal rating system, based on reading the book and interacting with children. They do not necessary reflect the publishers recommendations. 

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