Samsill Ipad Holder and Binder Review

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Review: Samsill iPad Holder Debossed Pattern BlueJust in case, you want to coordinate with our favorite accessories, Samsill has created an iPad Holder that is available in hot pink, blue, purple, lime green, and black. This case excites me as a blogger, because this case is great for conferences. The case feels lightweight yet sturdy.  It also has a smart cover, which means that the magnetic cover turns the device off when the front flap closes and the device turns on when the front flap opens. This feature is a plus for people who use their iPad on the go or who may be in a rush.  I received my case about a week ago and I mainly use it when I am running errands with my kids and still need to write or look up information while I am out.  This is the 3rd iPad case I have owned.  My two previous case were leather,  but neither were smart cases and after a year of use the leather looked well-worn or the straps broke. This case however, closes magnetically so no straps are necessary. I am looking forward to seeing how this iPad holder endures. Overall, I am really happy with the features the case offers. So far it is great for my needs, the company does offer personalization for the iPad so I wish mine was personalized, but it is still a good product.

Is this product kid-friendly?

Yes, my kids use my iPad much more than I do and so far it has held up nicely. The case is inexpensive but the quality is decent.  My iPad fits securely in the holder so the product delivers just as expected. If you have to use your iPad on the go, this case is convenient, so I would definitely recommend it.

Review: Samsill iPad Holder Debossed Pattern Blue  

Samsill iPad Holder Debossed Pattern Blue | $23.85


Product details:

  •         Compatible with Apple iPad 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations
  •         Smart cover automatically wakes and puts iPad to sleep by opening and closing the cover
  •         Debossed diamond design and bright fashion colors provide a stylish look
  •         Magnetized closure keeps cover closed when not in use
  •         Adjustable stand with two landscape positions
  •         Cutouts to easily access camera, ports, and controls without having to remove the case

Review: Samsill's Office binder With Label HolderSamsill makes a variety of different office supplies, office stationary, and medical supplies. Another product I received was Samsill’s Office binder With Label Holder. This 3-ring binder comes in handy when I teach classes about study skills to high school students. I like to show students the benefits of using binders to keep papers organized. Binders are great organization tools that are durable. Binders work for home and office use and can be used to separate bills, recipes, user manuals, coupons, school notes or assignments etc. 

I like this binder in particular because it is sturdy, reasonably thick, and the rings lock, so I don’t have to worry about the pages falling out of the binder. The vinyl covered chipboard is nicer than the common plastic back-to-school binder specials that most stores sell. I also like that the side of the binder has a designated spot for labeling and one pocket for storage. However, I wish there were two pockets on each of the inside flaps. The extra curved space on the inside help the rings keep the papers neat and flat. The 1″ size is best suited for small projects, meetings, etc. And the burgundy color is professional enough for work environments. 

Review: Samsill's Office binder With Label HolderSamsill’s Office binder With Label Holder | $8.80 


Product details:

  • Samsill Top Performance DXL Locking D-Ring Binder With Label Holder
  • Designed for comfort, a professional look and oversized function.
  • Curved back spine received Comfort Certification from US Ergonomics.
  • Compact designs easily houses over-sized indexes and sheet protectors without overlap.

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* Enclosed Youtube video retrieved May23, 2014 from Samsill’s Youtube Channel

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