Ebook Review: Chicky Baby and Moving Day by John Carmean

Chicky Baby

Ebook sold on iTunes, pricing | $3.99
This ebook by John Carmean is a counting book for infants and preschool-aged children. Unlike most pre-school stories for kids, this book is unique because it is about counting to a dozen instead of just 10. The ebook is interactive  and has bright vivid colors, which gives the parents and opportunity to teach their child both counting and colors.  As the number grows, children can learn the concept of growing numbers and shapes by looking at each of the illustrations. In addition to counting parents can also use this book to help kids learn to identify the difference between images.
I would recommend this ebook to parents who are trying to teach their child (from 1-3 years old) how to count.

 Moving Day

 Ebook sold on Amazon.com and iTunes, pricing | $15.29 or $12.99

Special recognition: Moving Day, was recognized in 2013 by NeuroNet as one of the Top 10 Paired Reading Resources for use with children with learning challenges.

John Carmean’s “Moving Day” story sets the stage of a series about hogs first arrival to Hogtown. You can follow Patrocles, a young pig, who moves to Hogtown and goes on an adventure.
The story has 41 pages, with pictures.

My thoughts on this ebook

Moving Day_CoverMoving Day is an interesting book for kids, it will help children learn many new words. The story includes a large number of words that would not normally appear in a book for kids of this age group. While most books for children this age explain everything in a very simple manner this book does not which gives parents a great opportunity to answer children’s questions about new concepts. For instance, parents and children can discuss feelings, what happens when a family moves, and how people can stay connected with former friends even when a move takes place.

There are many descriptions that parents can explain to children to help them learn about directions, their 5 senses, and the weather.  The illustrations are good for children between the ages of 3-5 who will have a chance to learn more about opposites and different shapes and colors.
I would recommend this book for children 7-9 years old but it could also benefit younger children by helping them expand their vocabulary and learn new concepts.


About the author

John Carmean lives in Gainesville, Florida (Hogtown.) John writes books for his niece and four nephews. When he’s not entertaining the 5 Rose children, he works in marketing and brand development. Be sure to follow John on twitter [social_link type=”twitter” url=”https://twitter.com/johncarmean” target=”on” ]here[/social_link]

Reader question: What do you look for when trying to decide which ebook you should purchase for your child.


[notification type=”notification_info” ]*I received a complimentary copy of  both books to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. For more information see my Disclosure Policy.[/notification]

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