My fantasy weekend vacation to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Weekend Fantasy Vacation.

My dream vacation would be a weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. Denmark is a historic country with greenery, castles, and lots of amazing museums.  The best part is, it seems like a fun place to relax and hang out.

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My fantasy vacation would have these five characteristics:

1. Amazing Gourmet Food

I love to eat and I have heard rave reviews about 3 of Copenhagen’s excellent vegetarian restaurants. I’d love to go to Morgenstedet, which started over 20 years ago and has thrived in a country known for loving meat. I’d also like to visit Ambrosias Have where my husband and I could comfortably dine in a relaxed environment without our shoes. Last but not least, I’d like to try simpleRAW the name really speaks for itself, the food is uncooked and organic.

What would I wear?

2. A Rich History

Everyday, I like to learn something new. I was also a history major in college, so being able to see the castles I have read about and visit museums that share the rich history of Norse settlers and traders would be a dream come true.

What would I wear?

3. Beautiful Solitude

Of course, part of any vacation would include relaxing. I’d love to take a boat tour along the shore and cruise the Copenhagen seas for a couple of hours. After the tour, I’d take a hike to see Copenhagen’s beautiful serene landscape, which would give me another an opportunity to enjoy their green rolling hills.

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4. An entertaining Nightlife

I would love to visit Copenhagen’s Jazzhouse and Jazzhus Montmartre. Both of these venues are well known and offer authentic live jazz music and a great selection of native cuisine.

What would I wear?

5. Exquisite Sights to See

Copenhagen is my fantasy choice because it contains many places that I long to see such as the David Collection of art. This museum is a free attraction with historic and colorful art pieces that my family can enjoy.

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6.  A place to shop

Copenhagen’s Fashion Festival takes place in February. The popular style seems to be traditional clothes with trendy prints.

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7.  Last but not least, a different culture

Copenhagen Denmark is great because many Danes speak several languages including English. I also really like that bicycling is really popular. My family adores biking for exercise purposes, Denmark seems like a great place for me to explore while riding. The thought of being able to travel the world and see other cultures in person is such a rich experience for children. I think it increases our level of compassion and patience for others, which is extremely important.

What I’d wear

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