Why Using Moving Containers Is the Best Way to Move

Anyone who has had to move from one home to another knows how stressful the process can be. From packing boxes Movingfrom random areas of the home; loading them in the truck wherever they will fit; unpacking the same random assortment of boxes at the new home; all while under pressure to meet deadlines to avoid late charges and to start work at a new job.

In response to the challenges and stress that are part of any moving experience, moving companies and one-way rental services have promoted the use of moving containers. Not only do they provide a more organized way to move, but also come with flexible terms that make moving an easier process.

The benefits of using containers for moving are numerous. With typical moves, boxes are often packed in a random arrangement to ensure a tight load that won’t shift during transit. A wall of boxes could consist of items from the kitchen, the garage, a bedroom, the living room, a home office and the tool shed. While labeling the boxes by area or category helps, the entire truck would have to be unloaded to get all the boxes that have items for a given area such as the kitchen.

This may not seem like a big deal until it’s time to eat and utensils, cookware, plates, silverware and cups are lost in a truck full of boxes more daunting than the final scene from the warehouse in Raiders of the Lost Ark. You now have the added inconvenience of having to get paper plates and plastic utensils while ordering takeout until the all kitchen boxes get unloaded.

Meanwhile, the deadlines haven’t gone away: having to get the move done before reporting to the new job, getting the kids in school and avoiding costly charges for additional rent or late fees.

Containers allow items to be organized better making unpacking an easier process. Kitchen items can be put in one container, garage items in another and so on. When included as a part of a flexible moving plan, containers allow for moves to be done in stages.

Atlas Van Lines, for example, has a Smart Move program that allows the customer to keep containers or store them at an Atlas facility for up to 28 days with no additional charge. This would make it easier to unpack items for each different area of the house in an orderly manner without stress and without neglecting work and other obligations.

In many moves, items are often placed on wooden pallets, wrapped in cellophane and moved with a forklift or pallet jack to be loaded to and from the truck. In spite of the cellophane, items can still shift, and in the worst case, cause the whole load to tip over. Removing the cellophane can also be hazardous, especially with heavy objects that fall off once they are cut loose.

A container avoids these problems with straps to secure the load inside, making it less likely it will shift in transit or that you’ll have to dodge falling objects when opening the container.

For many people looking to move, the ideal scenario would be to move at a controlled pace with the most important items being moved into the new home first and less important items gradually moved in afterwards. They would be able to get familiar with their surroundings and do normal tasks like work and taking the kids to school without stress. Thanks to the growing popularity of containers and flexible moving plans, the ideal move can now be a reality.

This guest post was submitted by Samantha Peters, a contributor on the personal finance blog Paid Twice.  Sam enjoys writing about ways to ensure that your money is working hard and earning you the highest rates of return.  Sam lives in sunny San Diego, California where she enjoys life with her puppy Leona.

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