Review: 7 Piece – Beauty 9 Professional Makeup Brush Set

Review: 7 Piece - Beauty 9 Professional Makeup Brush Set

Have you ever thought, your make-up is only good as the brushes you use to apply it? I know I have, and it is hard to find good reliable brushes that are a high quality and will not break the bank. I’ve used all kinds of brushes, from high end department store cosmetic brushes to I wish I would not have wasted my money cheap beauty store brushes.

Recently, I took a trip to visit my friends and I test my new Beauty 9 brushes. I was so pleased, I couldn’t wait to share my experience using these brushes.

What I liked most:

1. Easy to travel with and store. The brushes come with a velvet pouch and leather case so I don’t have to buy a separate bag or store them in a zip-loc bag in order to keep up with them.

2. All the necessary sizes are included. This is almost like a one-stop-shop, the brushes in this 7-piece set meet all of my make-up brush needs. When applying great looking make-up is important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all.

3. Easy to clean. It is so important to keep your brushes clean and these brushes can be cleaned in the sink with mild soap and water.I like that the hairs did not clump together once dry.

4. The brushes look and feel great. Appearances these days are everything and this brush set looks costly, but they are priced reasonably. The brush is also soft to the touch and doesn’t feel like itchy cheap bristles. They aren’t too long nor too short.

5. The various brush sizes included help ensure that your makeup will be evenly applied. My favorite brush is the foundation brush. I wish I had found this set sooner, and it would have helped me even out my makeup earlier.

What does the brush set include?

  • 1 Powder Brush – Goat hair
  • 1 Foundation Brush – Nylon bristle
  • 1 Lip Brush – Sable
  • 1 Large Eyeshadow Brush – Pony
  • 1 Small Eyeshadow Brush – Sable
  • 1 Eyebrow Brush – Pahmi
  • 1 Eyebrow Comb/Brush – Nylon/Stainless Steel
  • 1 Carry Pouch

Does this brush set get the clever seal of approval? Yes, it does and I can’t wait to use them again, it is one product that I look forward to using.

Where can you purchase the Beauty 9 set?

 * FCC Disclosure: The brush set received from Avalon Communications for this review was no cost to me. All opinions expressed are honest.
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