5 Top iPad Apps for Elementary Students

The Apple iPad has definitely changed the world in many ways, providing a great medium for music and movies, but it also comes with a wide range of apps that pave the way for children, offering tools to teach them as they grow older. When your children are busy playing games, you can get some educational apps to try and point them in a better direction. These are the top five iPad apps that elementary students can really start having fun with according to TheBestNursingSchools.net.

Super Why!: This is one game that will definitely interest your elementary school child. With four interactive games, this app uses main characters from the show Super Why, which airs on PBS Kids. The games focus on learning to read, with one requiring children to pick the right word absent from a phrase, tracing letters as practice, picking two words that rhyme in a group and hunting for certain letters. This app costs $2.99.

Addition UnderSea Adventures: This is an iPad app that is certain to lure in your child with a colorful world of mathunderneath the water. The objective is to solve addition problems to solve puzzles that display a scene beneath the water. The more puzzles you do, the harder they get, and each one has a new scene to watch. This app is free.


Multiplication and Division Flash Action: School Zone Publishing, known for making workbooks for elementary students, created this app to try and train students to rapidly solve multiplication and division equations while racing against the clock. Some of the activities include charts for multiplication and division as well as both horizontal and vertical representations for the problems. There is also a multiplayer mode, and this app costs $4.99.


Grammar Prep: Pearson Education, known around the world for superior education, created this app to help elementary students prepare for later teaching by learning more about grammar and subject/verb agreement. Quizzes are graded and increase in difficulty the more your child successfully passes levels. There are also other apps in this series that let your child learn about commas, splices, run on sentences and fragmented sentences. This app is $3.99.


Word Search for iPad — Young Reader’s Edition:There is perhaps no better way to learn how to spell than enjoying a good word search. These include words that kids commonly learn in school for language arts or social studies, such as state names or adjectives commonly found in reading. This app costs $0.99.


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