Fun Outdoor Family Activities

It’s summer, and the kids are home all day. The whole family wants to have fun, but it can sometimes be difficult to think of things to do. This is especially true if you live in an area that doesn’t offer much entertainment, but that doesn’t take away from the number of things you can do. There are plenty of activities the family can do together. You just need a little inspiration to have some real family fun this summer.


Fun Family Activity we can all enjoy - water balloons

1st Fun Family Activity: Have a Water Fight

  • Everyone is hot in the summer, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to have a water fight. This is easy to do, and you don’t need to spend much to have hours of fun getting wet with your children.
  • Buy some balloons and water guns. If you have very little children or pets, then you may want to skip the balloons. They may eat the rubber that is left behind, and this can turn a fun day into a scary hospital visit.
  • Make a few bases in the yard, and then just start throwing balloons or squirting each other. There is no need for any rules, and everyone will have fun getting wet and cooling down.


Fun Family Activity - a scavenger hunt

2nd Fun Family Activity: Make a Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • Go to your local park and have a scavenger hunt. This is very easy to do, and you don’t need to plant any items. Just write a list of common things you can find at the park. A few simple items include rocks, twigs and grass. Think of about 10 or 20 things for your kids to find, and then help them look around the park for the items.
  • Put a few items that are harder to find on the list. This will give your kids something to strive for, and it will keep the scavenger hunt from getting boring or being too easy. Just be sure to bring a bag. This will keep your children from holding everything in their hands, or shoving all the items in their pockets.

Fun Family Activity - chalk games

3rd Fun Family Activity: Sidewalk Art

  • Buy a bucket of colorful chalk. Go outside to your driveway or sidewalk, and let your children have fun drawing. The chalk isn’t permanent, so no one should get angry about them drawing, and this gives your children the chance to express themselves.
  • Take photos of the art, and join in by drawing your own pictures. You can even play games like tic-tac-toe or hangman. Just make sure your children don’t go out into the street when doing this, as that can be a problem.


Fun Family Activity - going to the beach

4th Fun Family Activity: Visit the Beach

  • It might be a simple activity, but the beach has so many possibilities. You and your kids can be social with the other beachgoers, you can play with the sand and make a sandcastle, go in the water for a swim and you can play a game of volleyball.
  • The beach presents so many opportunities, and it is often free or inexpensive to go there. Just bring a towel, some sunscreen and a cooler full of food and drinks to have a whole day of fun.

5th Fun Family Activity: Family Car Wash

  • Washing the car is normally a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. This presents a perfect opportunity for everyone to have fun, and to get something done. Give everyone a role. Someone can put the soap on the car, someone else can clean the tires and another person can work the hose.
  • Don’t be afraid to get a little playful. Spray one of the kids or your spouse, or chase someone around the car. Have fun with it. It’s easy to get a few laughs out of cleaning the car, and it makes an otherwise boring activity enjoyable.

Having fun outside as a family can be invigorating. While it may be a little difficult to think of things to do, these activities give you a great starting point. Just think of all the things in your area, and don’t be afraid of getting a little imaginative. Having fun isn’t exactly the hardest thing in the world.

Outdoor fun can bring the family together, and these activities will give you and your kids great memories that will last for years. Just get out there, and have a few laughs.


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