Pizza Hut Presents: Green Eggs and Ham By Dr. Seuss Read by Tim Tebow

When I was in elementary school Pizza Hut’s reading program made a huge difference to me. Participating in Book It, Pizza Hut’s reading program encouraged me to love reading. I enjoyed the challenge, competing against other students, learning new things, and the free personal pan pizzas the program awarded to students. Now that I have children of my own, it is great to know that the program is still in full swing and has a website full of events and different resources.

Today February 15, 2012 is America’s Biggest Storytime day on the Book It Calendar. Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos Quarterback, read to kids from Dr. Seuss’s book “Green Eggs and Ham.” It is great to see an athlete giving back to children and talking about his own struggles with reading. In the interview, Tim discusses how living with dyslexia affected him and how he found books that he enjoyed reading, which made a difference in his life.

Click Here to watch the Webcast.

Click Here to watch his interview.

The Book It website also has many fun resources for kids such as:


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