Manage Monday: Tips for a Budget Friendly Birthday Party

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In everyone’s life, a person’s birthday carries a lot of significance because this is the only day, which most people can claim as totally theirs.  Everyone looks forward to being showered with good wishes and blessings from near and dear ones.

Nowadays after the immense exposure to media and celebrity parties, there is intense pressure on parents and kids to spend huge amounts of money and have a lavish party. But, you will be surprised when I tell you of unique ways in which you can have whole day packed with fun and at the same time, you don’t end up spending loads of money on it. So, follow these tips and enjoy having a simple yet fun-filled birthday party.


Decide the venue and budget

The biggest and most crucial aspect of birthday party planning goes into deciding the venue for the occasion and if you consider hotels or special venues for rent, then it can turn out to be a very expensive affair.  So the best, most inexpensive, place to host the party is your own home. There is nothing better than your home. It not only provides the warmth and coziness of being in your comfort zone, but it also makes things easily approachable, when it comes to just walking down to the kitchen and grabbing some goodies to eat.

However you will need to rent a few items to take your party to the next level. For starters, you will need to rent a helium balloon machine.  You will have a room filled with balloons in no time.  The cost of balloon decoration is minimal.  You can get decorative festoons to line up your furniture and walls with double-sided tape.  In addition, you can use your creativity to make the party themed and well designed.  Buying festoons will also you cost you just about 10$ to 15$ at the most.


Nothing better than home cooked food

Any party is not complete if it not have an elaborate food menu, but here too, you will be surprised that it is extremely easy to bake pizzas and fry some fritters and bake a lovely cake at home itself. A wholesome home-cooked meal is not only satisfying but it is also pocket-friendly.

You can get some ready to cook ice-cream packs from the market and prepare the ice-cream at home after adding some grated chocolate and chocolate syrup with some fruits on it.

This type menu will not only cater to the palate of your younger guests but even adults.


Favors for your party

This occasion is celebrated once in a year, and it should certainly have party favors. You should pick favors that are not only useful but memorable as well.  You do not need to spend much money on buying expensive favors; small and useful gifts are available in the dollar store, Michaels, and even the grocery store.  Consider picture frames, bookmarks, candy, a homemade gift Etc. If you have a garden, the best gift you can give is some of your fresh produce. If you like to bake, try decorative pies.

Enjoy your party without worrying about the expenses as, they will be taken care of once you follow the steps given above.



About the author:  Amanda Kidd is a blogger and a hard core follower of safe home products. From pet care to her house she makes sure that everything is safe and environmental friendly. She believes that safe and eco-friendly skin care products are the best way out when it comes to sustainable renewable energy.

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