The Thanksgiving Turkey she made

My sister called and told my kids she was coming for Thanksgiving. “What’s Thanksgiving?” They asked, and then I knew that it was time for a lesson about Thanksgiving.

I recently saw a craft on quirkymomma’s site that would be perfect for the lesson: “A TP Roll Turkey.” Although, we don’t eat Turkey at my house, the image of Thanksgiving usually includes the image of a turkey and they are fun to make. Next week we will make fruit and vegetable baskets.

I also shared with them the Youtube video by the “Rethink Autism Community”

Then I explained:

Long, long, long ago some people from England came to America. We call them pilgrims. Pilgrims are people who travel a long distance in search of a place to worship God in their own way. The pilgrims had a hard time in this new land at first. But overtime, they learned how to plant new foods and survive with the help the Native Americans. The Native Americans showed the pilgrims about how to plant fruits and vegetables that were OK to eat. When it was time to pick the food they planted, they had a big dinner together and shared different food they had prepared. Thanksgiving is a day where we celebrate being able to live with family, and survive together. We thank God and enjoy food with each other just like the pilgrims did long ago.

My children seemed to understand and now they are looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Reader question: How have you taught your child or other children about Thanksgiving.