Parents Here are Some Easy Crafts to Do With Your Kids

Crayola's super easy Doddle Book

My children love doing crafts. They really enjoy making the their own cards, drawing coloring, etc. Last week I found Crayola’s Youtube page and it was like hitting a craft lottery. We have already created several of their activities like their Window Window Holiday Card and their Doodle Book (that is what my kids call it, but Crayola named it a travel journal).

I really like these crafts because they can really be used with any materials you may already have in your house. The supply list may name several crayola products that you may not have heard of, but most likely you can modify the list easily even if you don’t have the product that is named. The crafts are simple and your child and watch and follow along, which will help teach him or how how to follow directions well.

Holiday Card – This make great birthday cards

Back to School Message Board – This board helps teach children organization and makes them feel helpful.


Here are other great crafts sites that you can check out:

If there are any craft blogs that you follow and would love to share let me know by commenting below.

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