What is Vocalpoint? Join now to receive their new samples

I am not sure how I found out about Vocalpoint, but I have been a part of their amazing community longer than I have been blogging.

What is Vocalpoint?

Vocalpoint is an online community that women can join. The benefit of the community is that their members receive new online friends, learn about new products, get free exclusive coupons and samples, and can ask questions about common household/ domestic dilemmas. Through surveys and commenting you can also let companies know how you feel about their products. The articles are informative and it is great to hear opinions from people that you don’t know personally.

How are their coupons different?

Vocal point’s coupons are different because you receive one for yourself (usually either for a free full-size product or buy one get one free,) and you receive extra coupons to share with your friends that are generally for $.50 or more off of the product.

One of the last samples I received was Glad’s ForceFlex Odor Shield with Febreeze bags. The bag really helped contain the odor and was heavy duty so it did not snag easily.

One, of my favorite products received was Downy’s Unstopables In Wash Scent Booster (you can ready my review by clicking here) and the Venus razor. Samples arrive to your mailbox making you feel like it is Christmas all throughout the year.

Can you join?

Yes, please feel free to sign-up for this community and tell me how you like it.

Today August 25, 2011 Vocalpoint just announced a new opportunity to receive a Motts for Tots .55 cent coupon, Visit http://bit.ly/otzcX1 to download your .55 cent coupon!!!

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