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Downy Unstopables in wash scent booster

Has the fresh scent caught by the hands of a slight warm breeze ever touched your nose. This is what Downy Unstopables in wash scent booster reminds me of: a fresh scent of clean laundry on a warm summer day. The scent is pleasant and intoxicating.

When I first used Downy Unstopables in wash scent booster, I enjoyed the smell so much I gathered up all of the laundry in the house I could find, I spent the day washing and enjoying the scent of my clothes. I promise you, I have never enjoyed doing laundry this much before. The little scent pellets are incredible, little burst of power.

I like using Downy Unstopables on my linens the most. I look forward to crawling into bed with the comfort of my clean sheets and the smell of Downy Unstopables. The fresh scent is said to last about 30 days, so far it has been about 15 days since I first used them, but I have notice that each day the smell becomes a little more faint.

I have tried both Downy Unstopables in wash scent booster and Purex complete crystals and these two products are different. Downy Unstopables is a product that focuses on giving your laundry (safe for almost all fabrics) a fresh smell, which lasts longer and is more intense than Purex complete crystals. However the crystals have a dual purpose. It is also a fabric softener that gives your clothes a fresh scent. They are similar because they both are placed in your wash cycle.

I received Downy Unstopables in wash scent booster from VocalPoint. My review was without monetary compensation and comes from my honest opinion.

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  • Sandra

    I love it! I bought the green”fresh” scent, and a word of warning, use about only half a teaspoon in a front loader! You sprinkle it on the clothes rather than put it in the drawer where you put detergent. I also used it as an air freshener in my SUV when I stuck some beads in a tiny drawstring bag to hang around the rear view mirror. Same warning there too, use sparingly because the scent is super strong.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Yes, definitely use it sparingly because a little goes a long way. You also provide a great tip about using it as an air freshener. How do you think it compares to Purex Complete Crystals’?

  • Dawn

    I found the scent super strong and used half the amount suggested on the bottle. I wouldn’t use it on my clothes, but on my sheets and other linens, but not my clothes. I would also say this product is not for those with asthma or scent sensitivity, because of the strength of the scent. I love the idea of using it as an air freshener for the car.

    • I agree it is strong, which is is probably why the scent can last so long. Thanks for your comment and insight!

    • Dorothy

      Thank you for mentioning those of us with fragrance sensitivity and asthma. My doctor says I don’t react to the fragrances themselves, but the chemicals that keep the scent volatile. Now here is something that makes the scent last longer! When I saw a coupon for this product in my Sunday paper, I almost burst into tears.

  • Barb

    This product sent my dog into Grand Mal seizures. Apparently it is a widespread problem. Even I felt palpitations and trembly just holding it. Now I have to figure out a way to strip the residue from the load I used it on. Poor dog is on phenobarbital until I can get the house clean of this toxin.

    • Oh no, that is horrible. I am almost in tears. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Does Proctor & Gamble know? I think that they should make an official statement about it so other dogs don’t succumb to the same fate. The label should also contain a related warning.

  • Everyone likes their laundry to smell good, but I beg you, check the ingredients of the products you use. If you don’t know what the chemicals are, google them! Scented laundry products, especially fabric softeners, contain carcinogens and neurotoxins! They’re not regulated like food or drugs, so companies can get away with poisoning you (and your kids and pets) just so you buy their products to make your clothes soft and scented. Make informed choices, and ask yourself…is it worth it?

    • I am sure you are right, I once heard a report about all air fresheners and most scented products being harmful for us to inhale and that they should be banned from the market. In fact, the report also link these scented products with the high occurrence of asthma. Here is one article I heard about on NPR, but not the one I was thinking of http://n.pr/uQ4iBj

  • I used this product and found that my sheets were more wrinkled than usual. Did anyone else find that.

    • No, I didn’t experience extra wrinkles, but I also have a bounce bar in my dryer.

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