Target & Coupons: Take their Policy with you when you go to the Store

I rarely shop at Target, but on a few occasions I gather up my coupons and try to match up items I need with coupons and things that are on sale. Usually, everything works out find, but last Thursday, things were a little different. I had two buy one get one free coupons (for different types of cereal), one coupon for a free item (cottonelle), and coupons for percentages off of everything else (1 manufacturer and 1 Target coupon).

It appears that Target’s coupon policy has in fact changed. None of the coupons for my free items when through, and the cashier stated that if they don’t go through the first time then the store will not take them. All of the coupons were valid (before expiration) and for the exact product and quantity I purchased. For the free (cottonelle) item she claimed that the store will only take it if I purchased one of the same items at regular price, which was not specified on the manufacturer coupon. She also would not match up a couple of the target and manufacturer coupons.

I had my kids with me so I decided just not to buy the items from Target that day, but I am sharing this with you because, you may need to take the stores coupon policy with you. When I returned home I looked up their policy and saw that she was not correct. If I had more time I would have simply produced the policy and received the difference from customer service. Now, I will no longer leave home without the policies in tote as well.  I ended up going to Riteaid the next day and purchased the items without a problem.

TARGET’s Coupon Policy

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