On almost all of the blogs I visit. I see a reoccurring icon. Business 2 Blogger

I am always open to learning from other bloggers so I decided to check out Business 2 Blogger’s link. It totally appears to be a win-win opportunity for all parties involved. I have also decided to take more initiative and do more to promote my blog. Business 2 Blogger helps connect bloggers to business campaigns. As you probably already know, there are thousands of blogs competing for the same offers and if your blog isn’t as large as the others it is easy to sink rather than swim.

Business 2 Bloggers helps level the field so all blogs can gain more opportunities. I should have signed-up when I saw the first icon, but better late than never.

Check out the link, to see how easy it is to join Business 2 Blogger. Surprisingly, sign-up is 100% free. In fact, there are several opportunities to gain preferred status (which means you will receive their emails 4 hours before the basic status bloggers who are apart of the team only for a 30 day trial period) such as write a blog post, like this one, or add one of their buttons to your site’s home page. It appears to be a team effort and I am excited to be a part of the team. Information regarding new campaigns are sent via email once per week.

I will keep my readers posted on how this is working out for me. If you are a part of business 2 blogger please share your experience with me I would love to hear about it.