10 Road Trip Tips that will Keep Parents from Screaming While On the Go

10 Road Trip Tips that will Keep Parents from Screaming While On the Go #parenting #family #tmom #travel

As a parent time with yourself because a rare treat, so you must learn how to reward yourself while your kids are with you. So how do you juggle it all and treat yourself to a latte or two? Here are a couple of road trip tips that will help make your life a little easier while you are running errands with your kids.

10 Road Trip Tips For Parents

  1. Give your child an activity to do. If you are out running errands, keep an activity bag in the car with things to interest your child. The bag could include paper, activity sheets, markers, crayons, toys, etc. Keep a book handy for your child. An occupied child is a child that is more pleasant and more peaceful to deal with; especially on road trips.
  2. Keep a stroller in your vehicle if you have young children, you never know when you will need them.
  3. Keep an entertainment book in the car so that whenever you are out you will have the opportunity to receive a discount if one is available. Sometimes all of your adventures may not be planned, but these books provide hundreds of discounts for things-to-do in your area.
  4. If at all possible try to have a plan before you leave your house. Know what roads you will take. Know which stores you plan to go into. Know what entertainment options you plan to engage in. Have activities already planned on your trip so kids won’t get bored.
  5. Keep a GPS in the car. The worse thing is being lost with a carload of kids. You may need to schedule stops for bathroom breaks or keep a travel potty handy if your child is very young and still potty training.
  6. Make sure you get a lunch bag like a cooler in the car with you. Children often need to have their snacks routinely on schedule. In your bag, you should pack a small sandwich as well as healthy snacks like fruit, 100% juice, whole grain crackers, and one bottle of water just in case.
  7. Schedule your meetings, or event times in your phone/blackberry/computer/iPad so that you can stay on track and on time. Extra tip, make sure the vibrate button or ringer is on so that you will be able to hear the reminder.
  8. It also may be best to prepare what you can the night before. Lunch can be packed the day before as well as clothes picked-out and set out the previous night.
  9. Freeze food before you leave so when you return you will have a healthy option waiting for you and your family. You could use a  slow cooker if the next meal is hours away, or you could boil frozen soup, or bake something the nutritious food you froze before you went away.
  10. Try not to schedule all your most time-consuming events in the same week.

Parents keep going and going, being pulled in all directions; but remember you will survive.

QUESTION FOR YOU: What are some tips you use to keep yourself from screaming when you’re out with your kids?

10 Road Trip Tips For Parents
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