Remember our troops: 10 ways you can help

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To all who died to preserve our freedom, rest in peace. Their service will never be forgotten. In honor of their selfless devotion to our country here are 10 ways to help our troops and their families.

More than 10 different ways to remember our troops

  1. If you have expired coupons, save them and send them to our troops. families serving overseas can continue to use expired coupons for the next six months. For more information click here.
  2. Become a part of Veteran Benefits and Veterans HQ, which gives citizens an opportunity to serve our troops, veterans, and their families. The best part about the site is that you can create a service project on your own to help the troops or you can find opportunities to join existing projects. Enter your zip code and opportunities in your area will appear. The projects range from donating food to becoming a big brother or sister. This site answers the question, “What can I do, to help our troops?”
  3. provides academic scholarships to children of fallen troops.
  4. You can donate books to troops in active duty. Books are an awesome way to ease stress, expand your horizon, and escape reality. You have to apply to be able to send the books, but all of the details can be found at
  5. helps connect citizens with troops. They provide support via, gift baskets, monetary awards, donations, and handmade crafts.
  6. Donate a cellphone for soldiers ( Just make sure that you clean off the information and reset the device so none of your personal  information will remain.
  7. When you see someone who has served, thank them for their service. You can also send letters and thank you cards, for more information go to:
  8. provides information on  how to send care packages with the items troops need.
  9. Visit a VA hospital and help comfort those who have lost many of their brothers and sisters who died while serving.
  10. lists additional ways for you to help serve America’s troops.

Reader Question

Do you know of any other programs that will help us remember our troops? If so, please leave your suggestion in the comment section below.

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