Good-Bye Binky: Tips on getting rid of your Child’s Pacifier

Creator: Carlos Porto,

Our pediatrician recommended that we ween our daughter off of her pacifier (a.k.a Binky) when she was between 9 and 12 months old. My daughter’s teeth had already emerged by 9 months and we had started using sippy cups.

Additionally, our pediatrician stated that 9 months of age is a good time because it would be easier to ween her off.

I cannot say that my daughter was entirely, obsessed with her binky as some children, but at night and at nap-time she used it to soothe herself to sleep.

Here are my tips for weening your child off of his or her binky:

  1. One transition at a time. I recommend making changes when things are “normal” around the house so there won’t be other factors to hinder your progress.
  2. Stay on track. If you are trying to start a new routine or make changes related to your child, stay consistent. The first couple of days it may be a little hard, but after a week things should calm down for most children.
  3. Replace it slowly. Introduce your child to something else of comfort such as a small blanket or soft toy.
  4. Use other methods to soothe your child.
    • Talk to your child in a soothing way.
    • Message your child.
    • Give your child a sleepy-time kiss.
    • Read a book to your child.
    • Pillow – pets and a lullaby cd playing in the background worked for my daughter.
  5. Talk to your child about growing up and the changes that are taking place. (I know this seems kind of early, but children understand a lot well before they are great verbal communicators.)
    • You could make up a Good-bye binky song or story.
    • You can also show pictures of him or her as an infant, and then show pictures of how he or she has changed and grown. Take this time to take a new picture and congratulate your child in a loving way for growing-up wonderfully.


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