Book Review: Tithing by Douglas Leblanc

Tithing: Test me In This

Douglas Leblanc’s “Tithing: Test Me In This” is also a part of the Ancient Practices Series. The book presents a series of testimonies from various people that tithe.  The book focuses on the application of the Bible’s principal of tithing and outlines why it is practical and relevant today. Additionally, Leblanc’s stories reveal that tithing is a lifestyle and not a legalistic form of Christianity.

The book subtly makes a case for tithing, but not by stating it bluntly or quoting scriptures. I like Leblanc’s approach to the subject because we live in a society that is concerned about practicality. The myriad of people represented come from all types of religions and professional backgrounds. There are however, three common links: one, they all tithe; two, financially they are content; and three, they believe in a strong since of community.

While the book is enjoyable overall, some of the testimonies touched me personally more than others. Therefore, I am curious about how he decided to order them the way he did. I also would personally lean more toward a balanced approach and provide more information about the history of tithing and mention more texts about the subject. Nonetheless, the book is a good read overall.  Does it compel you to want to tithe? No, but if you already tithe it encourages you to feel good about your decision. For these reasons I would give the book 3.5 stars out of 5.

Did the author(s) successfully convey Biblical truth? Yes

Would you recommend this book to others? Yes

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