Magic in a Bottle-Ink Removal

Carbona Stain Devils 3 Ink and Crayon is magic in a bottle that is why I call it my “yellow magic”.  I started buying this product when I was in college and it works like a charm so I wanted to share it with you. During the holidays, it seems like stains are inevitable and if you are a teacher or a mom you know know ink stains are almost like a fabric’s death wish.  However, if you have stained your cloths with ink or crayons, I am telling you that this works like no other product I have ever used.

The other day, my daughter Em who loves to write and draw wrote on one of her church dresses.  Of course I was disappointed but I reminded her that writing is usually just for paper and then I grabbed my yellow magic and a white cloth.  I placed the white cloth under the ink marks and dabbed the yellow magic solution directly on the fabric until all of the marks disappeared.  There were around 10 small ink-pen marks on the dress and it took me around 2 minutes of dabbing the solution onto the fabric to see all of the marks disappear. After the marks were gone I threw the dress into the washing machine and it came out like new.

The next time she does this I will try to upload a video so that you can see how it works. I would have done so this time, but the marks had already disappeared by the time I thought of it.

Disclosure: I purchased this product on my own and wanted to share it because it works like magic.

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