Twins on a Budget

I enjoy clearance shopping, but it is usually hard to find the same sizes on the rack when shopping for my twins.  A couple of weeks ago, I went to Old Navy just to see if they had something for my twins and they did: two adorable pink dress coats, perfect for next year.

The coats were on clearance  for $35.49 each.  I wanted to pay less but my 20% off coupon did not start until the following day.  When I went to the register to ask if they hold items for 24 hours I was told that they would only be able to hold it until the store closed that night.  I thought quickly, should I risk putting the coats back or buy both and get a price adjustment within 14 days.  Of course, I had to purchase the coats.  Unfortunately, 2-weeks later I was sick and unable to return to the store.  My husband wasn’t willing to get the adjustment so this past Saturday night I went into Old Navy with the coats and my receipt and asked if they were on sale for an additional amount off the ticket price. They were, the price was now $9.99 each. Unbelievable, I thought, and then the sales clerk told me that I would be refunded about $47.  Wow! I was so happy I could have hugged the cashier.  I had no idea that the price would have dropped so dramatically. I also had a coupon on me for 10% off my entire purchase so I ended up paying only $8.99 each.

Savings Tip: Keep your receipts and do the price adjustments when you can. Also, if you are a day late don’t worry you can refund the item if you have it in new, tagged condition and buy it for the sales price. Also, keep in mind that many stores like Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, the Limited etc. will give you a coupon if you fill out  a survey within 5 days of your visit.

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