Can you make money on Twitter?

People have found tons of ways to make money on twitter. Only a few are getting rich enough to claim salaries over 6 figures, but I am going to share one way to make some change. Yes, a little gas money in your tank, which almost all of us can use. Sponsored tweets, is a service that charges advertisers a small fee and allows you to set your own price to tweet. To sign-up for this service you need to have more than 50 followers. They have several competitors, but I like Sponsored Tweets because they also allow you to get paid when you refer others (my link is: to their service.


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What I like most about sponsored tweets

You name your own price. However they do provide you a suggested price, which I use because it will help your tweets maintain your competitive edge and give you a fair chance.

You write your own tweets. The advertisers provide a suggestion for you to go by, but you will never have to tweet something that you don’t agree with. They also give you three to accept and write the tweets.

You get paid for referrals. I have researched Twittad, which is similar, but they do not allow compensation for referrals, which doesn’t not maximize their business As a result,  you don’t have an incentive to tell others which would make their service more competitive.

Actual payout is free once you have reached $50 in earnings, but you can cash-out earlier for a small fee.

Sponsored Tweets also allow Cost per Click opportunities (usually at the bottom), which are offers from advertisers that want you to send out a tweet for less than your suggested price. The only time I accept these offers is when the advertisement is something close my heart and I would probably tweet it for free anyway.

Your tweets are not misleading to consumers because every tweet contains a disclosure (e.g., #ad, ad:, sponsored, sponsor, brought to you by, Advertisement, etc), which is one of the FCCs rules to help consumers know when someone online is getting paid to tell you something. Personally, I don’t tweet things that I think are manipulative.

Overall, I am personally not in favor of advertisers low-balling tweeters when our tweets really do increase their business. While at the same time, their advertising budgets are usually threw the roof, they just don’t want to pay us reasonably for our services. With this mindset, I guess it is surprising that i use the service anyway, but like I said earlier, “gas prices are high, LOL.” In all seriousness, if you have twitter followers that fall in a certain niche it can also give you something to tweet  about when you want to connect with your followers but you don’t know what to write.

FCC disclosure: If you sign-up under my referral link I will get a very small compensation of like 1cent per tweet when you are accepted.

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