5 Lessons Every Kid Should Learn

Every family’s values are different, but there are a few universal lessons that every child should learn. As I grew, I cherished lessons I learned from my immediate family, my school teachers, and my friends and their families.  Below are some of the important lessons that I learned early in my life and that I continue to practice today.

1. Respect others as well as yourself.  With this lesson, a child will learn empathy, respect for elders, self-esteem, compassion, love, and the list continues.

2. Always be honest. We live in a society that allows people to be dishonest for selfish gain, but if a child learns to be honest early they will reduce some stress in the future that arise from guilt and false motives.

3. Be patient. There are some things in life worth waiting for, and it is important for children to learn that everything will not happen as fast or soon as they would like.

4. PRAY! Growing up, I was taught to pray at a young age and when I faced obstacles or situations that scared or challenged me, I lifted it up in prayer.  It helped me learn how to ease my stress and let go of things that were out of my control.

5.  Choose friends that possess the lessons mentioned above. Obtaining friends that share common values will help them stay out of trouble.

5 Lessons Every Kid Should Learn
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