Truly Thankful

God is very gracious to me and my family.  There are many obstacles and lessons that we have learned from and overcome.  I can remember the days my husband and I shared before we became parents: we worked and played hard. However now, our lives are so much more fulfilled.  It is hard work trying to be a “good” parent, but spending time with our little reflections is gratifying.

Recently, I have watched my girls grow and learn so many new things, like how to put on their shoes, buckle themselves into their car seats, and play a DVD in the computer (I really wish they wouldn’t), but I am amazed at how much children pick up without actually being taught.  I can’t help but to be thankful for patience because as they learn and apply new lessons my patience is daily tested.

My daughters have so many OMG moments in a day, it is unbelievable.  I was convinced that she picked up the phrase while we were traveling this summer. But today I heard myself say it, and I was humbled.  I am thankful that it took my child to show me that I need to think before I speak.  My children have a way of revealing little idiosyncrasies about my character that I wasn’t aware of.One of my daughters is feisty and defiant, just like me.  I don’t know if I would have chosen to have a mini duplicate of myself, but I am thankful that I do because I can also see my compassion for others softening her inner core as she learns to balance selfishness and love. My other daughter likes to take control and be in charge, just like me; however, I see the softness of your character just like your dad.

My husband is my lighthouse.  Sometimes I loose my way and get discouraged, but he has a way of revealing which path I need to follow to stay focused and on track.  He is a no nonsense kind of man and I like it. I am thankful for someone who helps refine me into a chiseled jewel.

I am learning to love boundlessly and see life from new angles by being forced to look in the mirror everyday.  My life is a reflection of my choices and I am choosing to see blessings I often overlook. I can’t help but to be truly thankful.

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