Can a Child be Potty Trained at 3 months?

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Recently I took part in a discussion about American children being behind in terms of potty training.  Apparently, there was a recent article/news story about children around the world being potty trained by 3 months.  My face is generally very expressive before any words come out of my mouth, so my eyebrows lifted and my mouth formed a sarcastic smirk.  “That’s really hard to believe,” I said.  Thinking back to my 3 month old twins, they were so helpless I could not imagine them being able to go to the potty.

Well I was informed, they wouldn’t crawl to the potty; instead, they would cry in a way that I would be able recognize their cues and take them to the potty.  I think I became a little defensive at first, but there maybe some truth to this. Since the conversation, I have made up my mind to see if it is the norm around the world for three month old children to signal to their parents their need to go potty.

Once I wrapped my mind around the possibility of potty training early, I must admit that it is totally possible to be in tune with your child so much you know when to place him or her on the potty at 3 months.  It also dawned on me that people in the developing world are not going broke spending their hard earned income on diapers so they must be doing something to keep their children dry.

EC Video explaining the process

In addition, I found a post about a Mom that potty trained her 3 month old, please click here to check it out.  The process is called “elimination communication” (EC) or “natural infant hygiene,” which encourages parents to sit their children on a potty at a very early age usually between birth and 4 months old.  Click here to read another article that outlines EC.  To find out more information I recommend looking it up in the library and also talking to your pediatrician about EC.

Additionally, I thought about one of my friends who potty trained her daughter at one years old and by 18 months she was an old pro.  One years old isn’t three months, but if they can do it at 1 they can probably learn even earlier.  Here is another article about a mom who did the same: click here.

Before I’m done, I must let my readers know that potty training early is all well and beautiful, but in a system that hates to gives mothers longer than a couple of months for maternity leave American children will probably be in diapers until American Moms can devote more time and attention to their babies at home.

Starting today, I will no longer buy any diapers for my children.  They are smart and I am home so together will will make it work.  I believe that if you start early potty training can be easier.  Moms share your thoughts on the subject.

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  • Elizabeth Parise

    Great post! I have “ECed” my youngest 3 starting at birth. I just want to point out that though this is a method to handle babies’ “eliminations”, it is not potty training. It is really just the same as noticing when a children are hungry or sleepy and offering them food or rocking them to sleep. I am no more potty training while practicing EC than I am weaning when I breastfeed on cue or than I am sleep training when I rock my babies to sleep.

    Since you will be starting out with EC there are a few resources which may be helpful to you. has getting started information including for “late-start” EC (over 6 months) and for twins. There are even in-person meetings available in many areas. Also, has getting started “challenges”. I have a getting started with EC post on my blog too. Here is the link:

    Good luck and happy ECing!

  • I”m way beyond potty training LOL but enjoyed browsing your blog. And your husband is right. In photography the light is the key to capture the mood/image. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    • elle

      Thanks Jill, for visiting. Please share your potty training advice because I need some wisdom to help get me through this point in my children’s lives.

  • I have heard of this before. I think a lot of it has to do with how motivated and disciplined you yourself are. I knew I would never be able to do it. I can barely train the toddlers I have now! I had a friend that tried it and she was doing well, but just couldn’t stick with it and ended up giving in to diapers, which defeats the whole purpose.

    Good luck! I’ll be checking back in to see your progress.

    • elle

      Thanks for stopping by my site. I realized last week that they are getting the message better when I put cloth undergarments on them so they could feel when they’ve made an accident. Pull-ups seem to camouflage the wetness so it doesn’t bother them when they get wet. However, they need to be bothered a bit so they will let me know when they have to go. Thanks for the well wishes, which I send your way as well.

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  • Kim

    The answer in my experience is yes. But I have to qualify it. We put each of our kids in montesorrie school at three. It was one of the rare places that actually would accept un potty trained kids.

    The principle told me, don’t worry, it will only take a week or two. The little kids that come in want to be like the big kids and they learn very quickly what to do.

    It worked! Despite all my efforts beforehand, they were each trained in about two weeks after starting school.
    It was amazing.

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