Tips To Reduce Luggage When Traveling

Baggage fees that airlines charge are outrages. Here are a couple of tips that will help you keep the cost down. Of course you must pack your essentials: clothes, shoes, and toiletries; but, there is a way to lesson amount you pack when traveling.  Following I offer several tips/steps to help you pack for your getaway.

First and foremost, write down all that you will need.  Write down the days that you will be gone, how many day/night outfits you will need, and how many underclothes, nightclothes, and accessories you will need.  Keep in mind what activities you have planned so that you will pack accordingly (side note: some planning is definitely necessary).


1.  Reduce your luggage. The most important and largest amount of items that you will need to bring along with you on your trip are clothes.  Try on all potential outfits and only pack the clothes that look the best, outfits that are “maybes” and “almost,” need to be left behind.  If they don’t make you look stunning you don’t need them.  While away, you want to look great so that you will feel great and wearing outfits that you are not sure about will make you feel unsure while you are wearing them.

2.  Try to double up.  Clothing that can work for dual purposes will lesson the quantity; thus, reducing your baggage weight.  For females, a dress that will work for both day and night is a must have. Remember an outfit that can be paired with an accessory, belt, or cropped jacket can offer several looks. This concept also goes with shoes.  Pick outfits that work with the same pairs of shoes.  If possible, try to only take 3 to 4 pairs (4 pairs are a stretch, but I am trying to be understanding) and leave the big bulky clunkers behind.

3.  Leave the bulky items home or wear them.  In the summer, you don’t need a coat; however you will need to take a jacket just in case the weather/AC is unpredictable/uncontrollable.  A jacket that is light and versatile (both dressy and casual) is essential.  Consider wearing a light jacket on the plane because it will reduce what is in your baggage and also provide warmth if the plane’s air conditioner is too high.  In the winter wear your coat, which will leave you more room in your luggage for other things.

4.  Pack clothes that are lighter fabrics.  In the summer, linen is a light fabric that is cool.  In the winter this will be harder, but thick sweaters will usually take up a lot of space. I recommend long sleeves that are thinner but still warm like turtlenecks that can also be paired with a cute jacket/coat to make a multipurpose outfit.

5.  Roll your clothes; it will provide more space in your bag.  Space Bag offers a bag that can be rolled/vacuumed out to reduce the air and tips on how to use it (To see the article click on the link above).


1.  One day take note of your daily regiment and only take products that you actually use/need to use with you on a trip.

2.  Purchase travel sizes do items (e.g, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, face soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc). For lotions and perfumes consider taking only one type in a travel-size bottle.  Remember to use the ziplock-size bag that planes allow as a guide for how much you need to take. Take no more than two ziplock bags  (once again, I am trying to be generous allowing 2).

3. Don’t take more than one type of an toiletry product with you.

4.  Consider leaving behind your blow dryer unless you are married to it because the hotel or place you are staying will be able to provide one.

5.  Cosmetics/Make up – don’t take it all. Separate items into a small bag for 4 different looks that you can do on your trip.  The fewer products you need the better, so think compact and transitional.  Take palettes that are small and offer versatile looks within them without taking more.


Outside of the above list you really don’t need to pack much more because entertainment and recreational items can all be found on one hand held device—your cell phone. However if you are going on a business trip add the additional work items needed. Also, if you take medication or vitamins, put them in travel containers.

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