Summer Drain

It may be unusual, but every summer with the kiss of the sun I fall into a deep stupor.  I have no energy and I can only dream of the awakening of a new season.  I am not much for the heat and I don’t like the skimpy summer fashion that arises as soon as the sun comes out.  I don’t want my children to share my feelings so I paint a smile on my face, spend tons of time in the heat, and welcome the bugs and wet grass between my toes.

Summer offers a time for beautiful vacations, ones that I can only dream about. My husband and I have never really gone on a pleasure trip together (no honeymoon and no baby-moon).  When I was pregnant he suggested that I make plans for us to take a trip, but I was overwhelmed by my new body and emotional changes that I never secured the vacation.  While I love my husband, he isn’t the one to provide much excitement so when I go on a trip I want to go with a group that I know I can have fun with.

As a result of not vacationing, I try to find a good book that I can engulf myself with to live through a heroine that is totally unlike me.  This summer I am still searching for a good read. I am looking for a book that will take my mind to a different planet, fulfill my dreams, and keep me captivated so that I can finish it quickly.

If you know any good summer books that you enjoy let me know.  Until then, cheers to the next character whose moccasins I can’t wait to walk in.

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